Wednesday, September 14, 2005

2nd Place Poetry? WOW!

There are times in life when we all feel unloved, unappreciated and just plain lousy.  That's what I have felt quite a bit today.  Until....

I decided to check my email!

I recieved second place in the Poetry Dance for my poem "Summer's Sun Kissed Cheeks"  *see last entry.. (It says "Lips", but that's ok!)  I AM loved!!  I really am so shocked.  I even thought there might be a grammatical error in there...someone liked it, anyway! 

I am always my own worst critic.  I put myself down and see all the flaws as if they were painted with bright green glowing paint.  That in itself is one of my biggest flaws...see?  I'm doing it again.

Thank you to all the judges who voted for my poem.  That had to have been a very difficult job.

Thanks to Auburndawn for Poetry Dance.  It has really forced me (gently) to dig a little deeper and write something creative again.  Something I haven't done since high school.  (80's)

Thanks to all who have sent me thoughtful condolences in emails...I appreciate every one of you!  All of you are wonderful!!



gdireneoe said...

Congrats!...and don't be shocked.  It was good. ;)  C.

sistercdr said...

I don't remember if I commented on your poem, but it is lovely.  Congratulations.

barbpinion said...

congrats. The poem IS beautiful.

auburndawn said...

:)  Glad you got the message...  was worried you didn't know!  I've really enjoyed seeing you dancing with us.  Did you get to see the website?  Your poem is in the winners gallery there :)
take a look if you haven't:

:) Dawn

sierrajazz said...

Congrats to you and your 2nd place winning.  These poetry challenges are pushing me to dig deep also.  Like you I have not done anything like this since my high school years ( the 70's)  It is amazing what we can do when we really take the time to not doubt ourselves and try.  I am so glad I got to meet you and your journal through the Poetry Dance journal. I look forward to reading more poems and participating in more challenges and assignments.

justaname4me2 said...

YES!!! Congrats to you!! I very much think you deserved it, you wrote a beautiful piece! Doing a bit of a happy dance for you :o)