Monday, January 28, 2008

In Appreciation

I wish to thank all those who left comments or emailed to congratulate me on my First Place win for my "Hometown" photo.  I am beyond thrilled to have been awarded such an honor and would like to also offer my own congratulations to Martha, who received Second Place, and Sue, who received Honorable Mention.  All the photos submitted in both of the Challenge categories are worthy of recognition.  I look forward to having a turn at viewing the next Challenge entries from a judge's perspective!


Sunday, January 27, 2008

When Less Becomes More

I've been journaling here for almost three years now, and in that time, I have met some pretty amazing people who have become dear to me in a variety of ways, and have shared some pretty intense thoughts and moments within these very public pages. 

For a while now, I've struggled with how to continue expressing myself and sharing my life here.  I've thought of everything from deleting my journal in it's entirety (which I have since come to the conclusion would be a major mistake), to taking a respite of sorts while I clear my head, to wanting to write even more than I probably should!

I've decided to continue to keep this journal ~ as well as two other private ones, but to simply modify it's content to better suit a different sort of purpose and need.  At least for now.  Because I'm finding it easier and more comfortable to keep things lighter within the walls of this space, and I'm hoping to add a little bit of warmth to those who stop to visit here as well. I was overwhelmed by the thoughtful comments left in my previous entry.  Thank you for all who stopped by and left a smile.

So (((Reflections))) is going through a few midlife changes, I guess you could say.  I will share my photos, my art, perhaps a poem or two...  Maybe even pieces of my heart every once in a while.  Thank you, to those who will stick with me regardless of what I write or how I am feeling.  Thank you.... friends.


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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Community Photo Challenge-Hometown[Amateurs ONLY]

Community Photo Challenge-Hometown[Amateurs ONLY] :

The theme for this week's challenge will be Hometown, suggested by Donna.

Select a photo that best represents "Hometown"
This could be something you love about where you live, either your hometown, home state, country....anything that shows your home.  It is your interpretation of "Hometown" or "Home"


Visions of Home

Anyone who knows me well won't be surprised to see my choice for this week's Amateur Photo Challenge, "Hometown".

One of the many things I love about living in New England is the vast beauty that surrounds me wherever I go ~ nature's gift.  Another reason, is it's rich history and the appreciation and preservation that is given to it's structures and monuments that help us to remember and feel for a moment, what might have been long before our time.

When I allow myself the freedom to pack up my camera and take a drive into the hills and valleys that are my home, it is most often covered bridges that I search for and am drawn to.  I will park, explore, feel and "visit" each one for an hour or more!  There are over 50 in NH alone - one of which is literally IN my hometown.  It is for that reason, that I have chosen a covered bridge to represent home.  The one I've chosen is actually in Vermont, but I have many more on file and within the pages of my profile.

For more information on New England covered bridges, click HERE.

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow Day Bliss

We have been blessed with a Snow Day.

And it is a blessing in more ways than one.  Yes, we have an unexpected day of rest to add to our weekend.  But there's more...

January thaw...  A wonderful concept, really.  Happens every year, right on schedule.  The temperatures rise, the sun shines brightly for a few days, then.... rain.

I love a rainy day, don't get me wrong.  We need the rain, to quench nature's thirst and to appreciate the warmth of the sun.  It's calming, to listen to and watch quietly from the livingroom window. 

But it also leaves behind a whole lot of grey.  Muddy streets are lined with salted trails of ice.  Trees become bare and appear to ache for their lost blanket of white... I can almost hear their branches cry out to the moon.

So here we are, in the midst of winter's blissful promise:  Light always returns in one way or another.  Whether it be in the form of a white, fluffy snowfall or the bright rays of a gleaming sun.  Or simply, beautiful, in the hope that lives within us all, if we are wise enough ~ and strong enough, to hold onto it with all our hearts ~ even as it rains.


Saturday, January 5, 2008

Community Photo Challenge - BEGINNINGS

Find out more:  Community Photo Challenge-BEGINNINGS :



                               At A Snail's Pace...


For some reason, this photo looks much better on my computer... 

Oh well!

Where, How and Why I've been...

I would like to tell you I've been away on holiday, traveling the world and such, sipping Pina Coladas on sandy beaches and taking moonlit walks with some dark, handsome stranger....


I have, in fact, been away in a sense.  Not physically, of course.  I've got all I can do to go to the local grocery store for milk. 

I tend to withdraw and become introverted when I'm not feeling well.  I won't make that phone call, accept invitation or open myself up to others ~ all the while knowing that so many people around me DO care and want to see me smile.  It's frustrating ~ for them and for me. 

Even now, as I write, I find myself questioning what my point is here...  I've decided to write, and yet I'm not really allowing myself to show up.  Everything I do lately seems to take baby steps.  So I suppose this is part of the process of returning from where I've been.

I HAVE been feeling better the last couple days.  I've been staying busy:  Back to work after almost two weeks off (what a push THAT took!), the girls basketball games have begun and I am finding myself here, there and everywhere trying to keep up, loving it all the while.  I've been reading a very good Jodi Picoult book, "Picture Perfect".  One that I put down some time ago when I became engrossed in Anita Shreve's "Light on Snow".  I've also been doing some watercolor painting.  I hope to be finished with something soon, so that I might share it here.  One thing about watercolors...  You can fix things... I become completely consumed with trying to make something just right.  I'll be lucky if I finish something by Spring ::sighing at Spring thoughts:: .  How ironic, to use a medium that so thoroughly reflects my approach to how I live my life lately.

Why I've been away... Now that's a loaded question.  One that deserves a straight and honest answer.  If I had one, I'd be sure to give it.  If I figure it out, I'll letcha know.

I shall return....  Momentarily, as a matter of fact.  I've received notification of a new "Photo Community" in the neighborhood that I just might quietly slip into...