Monday, March 31, 2008

Come On Baby Light My Candle....

Everyone has a collection of some sort...  Whether it's a collection of "things" or of memories or stories told and untold....  You get the idea.  This particular challenge was started by Monica, and you can find her journal entry about "Every Picture Tells a Story" here and play along.

This weeks photo/story:

I collect ________________ (dust bunnies, spoons, dogs, rings, etc).  Share a photo of what you collect and tell us how or when you got started with the collection.  Is there something you are looking to add to the collection? 


This challenge had me thinking...  What do I collect, that I could photograph and share?  I have a collection of Jodi Picoult books!  Nah...  I have a jar of sea glass....  maaaaybe.. 

Then I remembered (yeah, it happens....), that I have CANDLES all around me...  On the walls (not pictured), tables, shelves..  you name it.  In my bathroom, bedroom, kitchen...  I think every room, with the exception of my children's rooms, have candles.  Mostly Partylite candles and holders.  I buy many of my favorite scents on Ebay ~ Honeydew, Peach, Mulberry, etc...  I'm FRUIT FRENZIED!  But have been to and hosted Partylite gatherings at my home as well.



I've been enjoying candles for many, manyyears.  I do not light them all at the same like this EVER!  As a matter of fact, I'm still sneezing from having them all lit at once for this photo (thanks for the idea, Nance.... ;oP)!  But, I do light one or two.... maybe three, depending on the mood... more than a couple times a week.  I have favorites for certain moods, hours in the day and times of the year. 

I hope that whatever it is you collect, whether it be "things" or something even MORE meaningful to you, I hope it brings you many moments of warmth and enjoyment through the years.

Thanks for visiting!



Sunday, March 30, 2008


This week's challenge is AGED.  So find something that shows age or take an image & make it vintage or aged. 

Post your challenge entry on your blog, come back here & leave your link in the comment area on either the FUN or JUDGED category.

This photo was taken this past Fall, while sitting at a little roadside ice cream parlor with my dear friend, Nancy and her hubby, Stu.  All three of us enjoyed photographing this old barn.  It almost seemed like it didn't belong there, and yet, it had come ages before ice cream parlors and picnic tables, with a story all it's own.


Friday, March 28, 2008


sick.png sick image by cwilson28


I just inadvertently deleted an entire journal entry...  I've been sick all week, and I guess that's just what happens when you're only half with the program!

Anyway, that's mostly why I haven't been around lately.  I AM feeling better, and I hope to get back to writing, commenting and snail mailing (::waves to the patient ones...::) very soon.  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thank you... and Happy Easter!

Special thanks to all who voted for my "Green" photo entry, and for all the kind words sent my way regarding my second place win.  Congrats to Nancy, who was awarded first place, to my co-second place winners, Veronica and Julie, and to Kat, for taking first place in the Advanced category!  I know there are a few changes taking place in the Community Photo Challenge.  I hope that everyone who enjoys participating and sharing their wonderful photos will continue to do so in the weeks to come!  So many good things have come from these challenges.  Let's all continue to come together and share our worlds and our hearts through our photographic images as well as our written words.


I do hope that each and everyone who celebrated Easter today was blessed with many reasons to give thanks for the all the little miracles in their lives.  I know I was....  My blessings are countless and endless in supply, and celebrating their existence will not end on this day. 

Thank you to my beautiful daughters, who on a daily basis help me to see just how lucky we truly are.  There is nothing in the world like celebrating life through the eyes of a child.  They are growing older, but their hearts are still as sweet and pure as they ever were......

Well, most of the time, anyway.......   ::smiles::

Happy Easter!

Monday, March 17, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green


In my quest for all things green, I came upon some pretty interesting subjects ~ even if I did only manage to look and shoot all in one place.  I had a bit of a time, trying to choose what image to post for the "Wearing of the Green" Challenge.  Not that I thought they all came out so great, but because I found flaws in each one that drove me completely nuts.  I took dozens upon dozens of photos and deleted about 75% of them.  The ones that I was left with were just "off" in places.  I'm finding blurry "spots" in almost all my images.  There seems to be areas that are very sharp and areas that soften or melt into the image.  Perhaps there is some underlying reason for this, and if any of you experts can think of anything, I'd love some advice.  Please feel free to email any ideas or thoughts you might have.  It may be as simple as how I hold the camera, but I've always been pretty good about that...  Who knows?  :o/

I would like to introduce a few more of the "green" friends I made during my trip to the pet store.  I liked these shots, even with their blurry spots and flaws!  These creatures have some great personalities, and I really enjoyed my visit with them.  I hope they will find good homes soon.

Thank you for all your kind and encouraging words regarding my photos and my journal!  HUGS TO ALL!!!  ;o)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

AOL Community Photo Challenge - Wearing of the Green {Beginner}

So, as luck would have it, I am an Irish lass....  One would think I might have something GREEN to photograph for this challenge!  

I don't.

So, I headed off to find me some green, and found this handsome fella....



Wishing everyone a warm and peaceful St. Patrick's Day!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Simply Musing...

It feels like ages since I've actually written here...  In fact, I've played with the idea of making this a "photo" journal, rather than a written one.  The only problem with that, is that I have almost three years of my life invested within these pages, and it feels almost like a betrayal of sorts ~ to myself and even to my heart, perhaps ~ not to continue sharing my thoughts, experiences and personal reflections. 

I also feel like I'm betraying others in some small way, by not commenting or even reading as much as I should.  I haven't been myself lately.  Strike that ~ I haven't been myself in quite a long time for a multitude of reasons.  Then again, maybe I've been more myself than I have ever been....  I don't know, really.  And I hate not knowing. 

So much continues to weigh on my mind.  Issues at home, issues with my parents, issues at work....  Mistakes within friendships, confusion in relationships...  Indecision and procrastination. 

And yet, there's always so much more, so much goodness, that I recognize in hindsight.  I'm reminded of it, in the warmth of my children's smiles and in the sunlight that plays upon their faces as they themselves, play in the sun.  In the icicles that chime naturally, as they dangle from the tree outside my window.  In the soft affections of my cat as she snuggles in close beside me.....  In the understanding that there is so much more to give thanks for than to struggle with. 

Late yesterday afternoon, we had one of those incredible snowfalls that I look forward to and enjoy no matter how late in the season.  When the tiny, intricately designed flakes of snow clump together to create a startling performance in midair.  It was the element of surprise that tickled my senses ~ that, and the fresh angel kisses that settled cool against my skin, as I stood with my head tilted upward and my mouth opened wide!  I always make sure and pause to give thanks, when such a miraclulous event occurs.

  And those little miracles happen all around us, each and every day.  How dare I ~ how dare WE ~ allow ourselves not to see and to feel and to know? 

Unfortunately, it's quite easy, isn't it?  We get so caught up in the here and now, and in the fear of things to come that we forget to hold on to Hope.  Perspective can be lost ~ and sometimes that's okay.  But ultimately, it's what keeps us from coming undone. 

I may in fact, create a "photo" journal...  Or something creatively similar.  I may not...  I guess time will tell.  I am who I am.  All of me fits into these pages just fine. 

I can say one thing for sure...  I feel better now, for writing.  For finding an outlet through my fingertips so that my mind could rest a while.  Even if for a moment... 



Saturday, March 1, 2008

Weekly Sentence #5



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    As pieces scatter, the memory subsides....