Friday, August 4, 2006

Crossing Bridges

This is the Packard Hill Bridge, located in my home town just three minutes down the road.  Funny, I've lived here almost all of my life, and while I've driven over this bridge a few times (very few), I have never stopped to take in all it's beauty.  I'm not sure why, but lately I've been surprised by an inner desire to go there.  I've been thinking a lot about crossing bridges lately, and those thoughts have lead me to want to explore the covered bridges in both my surrounding area (astonishingly, there are many!) and throughout New England.  I knew there would be a few, but in New Hampshire alone there are 54!  Something tells me I won't get to them all... But this is a start.  The original structure was built between 1780 and 1790 for a Mr. Ichabod Packard to access his combined sawmill and gristmill on the south side of the Mascoma River from his house on the north side.  

The history of the covered bridges is interesting yes, and I will learn as I go.. but my real reason for wanting to find and capture these beautiful "characters", as I like to refer to them, runs a bit deeper than that. 

Some bridges were meant to be crossed.    While others were meant to be burned.

Even still, is the notion that some bridges are meant to simply be closely observed.  To just be visited when one is feeling unsure and has a restless heart.  The peace that washes over you, when you sit by this bridge along the river bank and feel the warm sun against your face, and smell the sweet scent of summer, is a timeless gift that will not go away.  Unless you let it.  And not letting it go away can be a challenge.  As life throws curves and fast balls it can be confusing at times whether or not to cross, burn or stay still and just let things be. 

But I'll come to understand eventually.






siennastarr said...

Don't laugh okay?  But, I swear, just looking at that picture got me all choked up.  It is so beautiful.  I love old bridges and I love fresh vibrantly green grass.  Your picture had both of the things I love the most.  I just sat here and stared at it, and willed myself into that scene.  I wanted to be there, to sit right about where you are taking that picture.  I wanted to cross that bridge if I were able.  
Such a beautiful picture, Michelle, and such a insightful way of explaining your reason for taking it.

I've missed you..   It seems it's been awhile since you've left an entry.. or maybe it's just me..


siennastarr said...

Ummm.... I meant to HUG you.. not HIG you! lol

Jackie  :)

radar446 said...

I've become very envious of NH residents and all of their covered bridges.  What is even better, is a lot of them are still in use today.  The few that we have left in NC have become tourist locations, and have large concrete posts at the entrances.  It takes away so much from the natural beauty of the bridge.

I hope you are able to get to see and photograph all of the covered bridges in your neck of the woods.  I think that sounds like a very fun adventure.  I would like to do that with waterfalls eventually.


tendernoggle said...

What is it about covered bridges that draw us to them??? I love them too and wish we had more around here....
Take care,

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Love the covered bridge beautiful...been awhile since i have been here...alerts are something else these days...hope all is well with you and do have a great weekend...TerryAnn

ksgal3133 said...

Covered bridges are a treasure. I didn't know that you had that many up that way.


bobbysgirl8584 said...

Hey Michelle!! I am back from your beautiful state of New Hampshire. We had a great time!!!
This entry was interesting: I know I have a bridge to burn myself but don't have the strength to do it. to let go. Someday ; maybe I will be ready.

take care

cdittric77 said...

A beautiful entry - I'm glad I returned to something like this!