Thursday, May 12, 2005

Ten Minutes and Counting...

This is going to be a quick one.  I've been taking a bit of time tonight to read journals and decided I'd do a quick entry before I have to run out and pick A up from choir practice.  If they didn't have a choir festival on Sunday I would have had her stay home just to keep from having to go out AGAIN!  I knew this was going to be nuts trying to juggle both of them doing baseball/softball on my own.  Mon. and Tues. was ok because Mr. B actually had 2 days off.  I forgot what name I was using for my husband so I'll just call him that!  The girls are having fun though and it's nice to see them as part of a team of peers all cheering for each other!  We really did luck out that only a small amount of their schedule is on the same nights. 

Well, M has been talking to me so time has gone by and my ten minutes is up.  Maybe I will be back later to add on to this entry.  I feel creative tonight...We shall see....

Alright, the night is young and I am back!  The girls are off to bed, the TV is off, my mind is tuned in to my it goes:


Will you ever know my dreams?

Will you ever hear my screams?

Are you listening at all

When silence is surrounding you?

A game of Cat's Cradle

Linking to my heart

Are you playing?

I never really knew you at all.

Do you love?

Do you hate?

Do you feel?

Are you alone like me?

Is it fate that we

Are alone in this



boombie02 said...

I thought having a 2 year old is bad.  But, I'm afraid it might just get worse when it come's to all these practices and school functions that older kids have to go to!!

Thanks for stopping by my journal recently!


s0ngbird1962 said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my journal.  Thought I'd pop on over and check out yours too.  ....Nice place.  Always nice to read about another Mom's life.   : )
Your girls are beautiful & happy birthday to your little M....  Time sure does fly, my oldest is 17 and it still amazes me.  I'll be back to visit again.

Oh, but I've gotta tell you....  These old eyes are having problems reading some of the text against the purple background.  It's true that after 40, the first thing that goes is the eyes, lol...