Friday, October 13, 2006


It's been a long week, but full of smiles regardless.  Mailee got her cast of today.  She is so excited she won't stop jumping around.  Every word that comes out of her cute little mouth is shouted with glee!  After the removal of final cast number three today, we went to the gift shop and she picked out a stuffed Dashound, and we shared a hot fudge sundae as a special treat to celebrate.  This girl lives for her stuffed animals.  Her sister never cared for them at all.  I'm often amazed at how the two of them are so much alike in some ways and yet so very different in others.  And then they are both exactly like me.  Strange how that works.  At least they're lucky enough to look like their father.

Amanda is going to her first school dance tonight.  I'm so excited for her.  I'm a little disappointed because she is going straight from school to a friend's house and riding to the dance with her and a couple other girls.  The unselfish me is thrilled for her, that she has so many wonderful friends and is busy and thriving in junior high.  The selfish me is wishing I could be the one to bring her there and see her walk in.  I know that probably sounds ridiculous.  My baby is growing up.  Scary.  Exciting.  Amazing.  I guess to me it's like missing the first step.  I have never wanted to miss a thing.  And quite honestly there isn't much I have missed.  So I guess I'm spoiled to some extent!  At least I get to pick her up afterwards, and hopefully she will open up and tell me all about it. 

I can't believe there is a chance for snow this weekend.  Perhaps not here in town, but up north more likely.  I'm hoping the sun will shine brightly and that I will have a chance to get out and take some more foliage pictures up in the hills and mountains.  If it DOES snow it will certainly wreak havoc on the leaves, and yet it would be so beautiful as well.  Not sure I'd want to be in Buffalo, NY right now with two feet of snow in some areas.  We aren't even prepared for something like that yet.  I know the girls both need new snow boots.  Everything else is still in storage.  Shouldn't it be?  My goodness.

Still looking forward to that first snowfall, though....






bobbysgirl8584 said...

SNOW!! can you believe it? I am totally NOT ready for that. what happened to summer? and what happened to spring!!! It always looks so pretty though; just NOT in October! I love the Fall so the snow can wait till the holidays at least.
I am so happy for both your daughters;Mailee must be thrilled to get her cast off and I am sure Amanda will have tons of stories to share with you after the dance.
Have a great weekend!

siennastarr said...

I saw those pictures on AOL news this morning of that major snowfall in Buffalo!  Looks so pretty, but BRRRRRRRR so cold! lol  We in California are still waiting for it to drop down below the 80's!  It's actually 68 right now... but that's still too hot, I think.

Glad to hear that Mailee got her cast off!  I can imagine how happy she must be!

Growing up.  They do it so fast.  It seems like just yesterday mine were all here with me.  Now, I sit here alone.  They are all gone off on their own.  Enjoy them while you can!  I know you do.. :)


jbenjack said...

What great pictures! I feel bad I haven't kept up with some journals-truth be told- any! Hope all is well and you have more days of smiles than not!!! Have a good weekend. Snow? What???

lanurseprn said...

Still warm here in So Calif.  It's supposed to rain this weekend. I'll believe it when I see it.
Glad the cast is gone!  That feels so good!  Nobody "gets" that unless they've had a cast.  
Enjoy the snow.

cdittric77 said...

Congrats on getting the cast off!

radar446 said...

Its always a mixed blessing when the kids grow up.  At least they seem to be developing into their own people with no real problems.  I'm ready for snow, although we won't get any here.  All we ever manage is ice and freezing rain.


queeniemart said...

So glad the cast is off! I am 38 & just becoming obsessed with stuffed animals!
It is chilly in Ohio but no snow yet.
HUGS, lisa jo

mariebm56 said...

Beautiful reflection of autumn. The color in the reflection is so vivid & deep.
Thanks for leaving your link to your Journal~