Saturday, April 14, 2007

Got Love?

(Double journal alert... please forgive =) )

"... See there's this place in me where your fingerprints still rest, your kisses still linger, and your whispers softly echo. It's the place where a part of you will forever be a part of me."
--Gretchen Kemp

I found this quote in a journal just now...  A journal that I have never visited before, but one I will surely visit again.  Within it's pages lies a collection of beauty ~ photos, inspiring quotes and needful reminders.  In this particular entry, 100 quotes on love filled my heart as well as the page and I was reminded, once again, that life is full of surprises and dreams waiting to be fulfilled.  Hope, if allowed, will live forever in the hearts of any who need it.  And who doesn't need hope?  If not now, then in a moment...  Wait...not

I haven't written in quite some time.  Not for any particular reason, just that well, life gets in the way.  I shouldn't allow for that too happen ~ not for as long as I have, anyway.  I have been struggling a bit, in my mind and in my heart, and it's hard to put those feelings into words.  I tend to keep quiet when things are a bit too much.  I close up shop for a time, so to speak.  What I am finding is that there is a time and place for everything, but since there is so little of it really, wasting it just shouldn't be an option.  Still, there ARE times when it's hard to face reality, and even harder still to move forward, but there isn't really much of a choice now, is there?

I did a silly little bit of a survey the other night and sent it out to, oh, a dozen or so others...  One of the questions was:  What is the one thing you wish to do before you die?  The answer, for me, came fast and easy.  I want to fall in love.  So completely, so beautifully, so dearly.  I was surprised to see that many people seconded that answer...  Is it truly such a common hope?  Such a longing in the hearts of so many?  One answer really got to me, though.  It made me sit back in my chair and reflect for quite some time....  He answered:  Live.

Living life the way it's meant to be lived is no simple matter, is it?  We do not know how much time we have, and yet we go about our daily routines from the moment our eyes blink in the morning's glow until the night beckons rest, and perhaps we managed a laugh or two that day, or felt a warm hug or the quiet presence of someone close.  Is that enough?  Shouldn't it be?  Did you miss it?  That moment of living that passed by so quickly? 

Don't miss it tomorrow.  When your eyes blink in the morning and you rise to greet the day ~ go with love in your heart.  Love for life.  Love for yourself, and love for others.  When you give, you shall receive. 

I chose to share the above quote tonight simply to store it in my own memory, to look back on in years to come.  The journal entry itself spoke volumes.  There is more to "falling in love" then meets the eye.  Perhaps it is truly not as hard to accomplish as I had once thought.  Perhaps it is found merely in living.  How simple, how beautiful, is that?



am4039 said...

I sure hope you fall truly deeply in love too.

stupidsheetguy said...

Sounds like your heart is still alive, maybe not 100% well, but alive. I know you'll be ok with this kind of sentiment in your life.


radar446 said...

This entry is rather deep and profound.  Although I must admit, you really fleshed out a one word answer and really captured what that word means.  Great entry, and one I am very happy you decided to share.


bobbysgirl8584 said...

Hi Michelle...I am glad to hear from you. This was a beautiful entry and so very true. There is nothing like that falling in love feeling.  It is the best feeling ever I think.

nhd106 said...

::: Confused:::

Do you have 2 journals?  'Cause I commented on one but now I don't see it.    And I know YOU saw it since you wrote me back.    Am I psychotic?


acoward15 said...

It's a lovely quote but is seems to be missing something. What about the sickly uncomfortable feeling in the stomach that tends to go with this!

barbpinion said...

This is a wonderful entry, hon, contains great food for thought. I am a lot like you. When overwhelmed, I embrace solitude and silence. That is where I usually find answers to my problems- is where I am better able to hear what God would have me hear.
Love you,

queeniemart said...

Michelle, i love it so when you write. You make me think and FEEL.  
I think often about how many days we waste because we are tired, ill, mad, upset or working too much to stop and realize this life is short and nothing but a gift. The older i get the more i understand that. Usually a little moment will remind me of it.
To love is scary. So many things get in the way of love and loving and accepting it. So many things. But to let all that go and really feel love is such a drug.
You are ALWAYS in my thoughts.

gehi6 said...

I do think that to fall in love is a common wish for those who aren't experiencing that at the moment.  I have had a struggle with Doc who seems so untrusting of having so much in common with a woman, and enjoying the relationship, but not really committing to it.  I feel love is all around me, but has not reached the center, but we talk about it every day and about what is impeding love.  So I related to this entry.   Gerry  

swferstl said...

Funny thing DO find love when you're "just living". When you quit searching & just enjoy life, it suddenly seems to come around when you least expect it. And you weren't even looking!! That's what happened to me. I found my one "true love of my life". Happened in my late thirties. I had never thought I'd marry again.
When you stop looking & start living, you do more positive things, which puts you in closer contact with more of a variety of people. And the odds are..."he'll" be there! :-)
Go out & live, girl!
hugs, sher (wunzuponatime)

gotomaria said...

Hi, I'm curious which journal this is you mention...sounds like a good one..:)