Friday, September 21, 2007

Almost There...

"......You can never know who you are, till you let go of who you were.
The best of who you are, is what you are always becoming."
Thank you to Marc, who so generously shared these powerful words with me and so kindly gave me permission to pass them along. 
Events from the last couple of days have led me to a much more peaceful place.  One of understanding.... An epiphany of sorts.  Words that were spoken, feelings that were shared.  My own, dismissed as they've alway been...  BUT, I'm no longer crying.  I'm no longer alone.  I am firm in my belief that I have done and continue to do the right thing as I move forward.  I have never been surer.
I am holding the finished papers in my hand.  Ready to walk on, without looking back.  I deserve to be valued ~ as a human being.  As a woman.  I am worth more than what I have been. 
For now ~ for a while ~ it will be me and my girls.  I am not ready to "find someone."  It is not my desire to move in that direction  ~ now or anytime in the near future. I am happy where I am, right here, right now.  I am enjoying finding myself again.  I am enjoying this journey, and the path that I walk is one that I share with many of you.  For that, I am truly thankful.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


canyonsun04 said...

POWERFUL words indeed and very true. YOU are doing the right thing. People need to be worthy of YOU. YOU  have a lot to offer someone and should not ever take less then what YOU deserve.  Your teaching your children to do the same. To think highly of themselves, to respect themselves. They will model you so you need to take the road that is higher although sometimes much more difficult. Things will be better for you :)

barbpinion said...

Your decision, I think is the best one.  Standing up for yourself, not settling for less than what you know you deserve, is hard, but a good thing. Your daughters will in due time, come to understand what they might not understand now. As well, they will know, if they ever find themselves in your shoes, that they DO have options. I am here for you, as always, to help any way I can. And, as always, will be praying for you. Be happy, MIchele. Take time to embrace each new day; for as days pass, and you adjust to the changes, you'll find out how much you've really missed- how truly wonderful life can be. May God ever be with you.
Much love hon,

nhd106 said...

I am just so proud to call you my friend.

With love,

chat2missie said...

I'm sending hugs your way!!

queeniemart said...

His loss, not are golden..thru and thru...i love you so and i wish you nothing less than CONTENTMENT and LOVE.


radar446 said...

I'm proud of you!


siennastarr said...

Just letting you know that i am reading.  Broken wrist, so, hard to type.