Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Castle in the Clouds



Betty from My Day, My Interests Photo Blog and I are part of an online photo club called New England Photo Expeditions.  It's a group made up of over 200 members (some more active than others) and once or twice a month the group organizer plans a meetup place and time.  This month, one of the meetups was at Castle in the Clouds in Moultonburough, NH. 

So Betty and I decided to join in and meet up with the group as well as each other for the first time!  We had a really nice time (with the acception of the restaurant service, which was atrocious!) and took loads of pictures.  I'd never before tried to photograph a waterfall (and my camera just cannot capture one as nicely as I'd like), but this was by far my favorite photo moment of the trip.  The scenic views from the castle were magnificent, but there's just something about being in the woods that appeals to me like nothing else. 

Of course, meeting Betty and her husband Bob was the biggest highlight of the day.  To me, it felt as if we were old friends meeting up again after some time apart.  The group itself was also very welcoming and friendly, and I'm looking forward to the upcoming meetups currently scheduled on the calender. 

View from the castle grounds:



nhd106 said...

Darn!  Photos are showing that stupid red x in a box.   Maybe aol is just being a pain.    I'll try back later.

madcobug said...

No pictures here either. That was a nice trip plus you got to meet Betty and Bob. Helen

chat2missie said...

Darn, no pictures.

siennastarr said...

Glad you had a good time with Betty.. but, I can't see the pictures! :(   Apparently, there are several other people who tried to download pics into their entries and AOhell wasn't making things easy.  They had no pics either.  
Please repost them when AOL gets the stick out their ass and lets you! lol

Love you Chelle..


frankandmary said...

I took so many waterfall pictures when I was in Yosemite the people around me thought my camera wasn't working(back when I actually had a camera ;-). These are lovely, & I am sure the company was as well. ~Mary

mariebm56 said...

These are stunning.....I am so glad you were able to meet Betty.  The whole outing sounds fabulous!  I am very envious!  Wish I could have been there.  We don't have any waterfalls in this area.

nanmm11 said...

I can see the pics and they're very special! I love waterfalls!! I'm sure it was awsome being in the woods around all that natural beauty.

rbrown6172 said...

oh what fun!!!!  and i love both photos...but the color in the bottom one is awesome!!  as is the view!!  :)

pamal3 said...

Beautiful pictures. Such fun. Love Pam xx

nhd106 said...

Wow chelle...such wonderful shots.   I always love a nice waterfall, but there's something about that second shot that is just magnificent.    Blow it up...frame it, and hang it w/ pride.
Love ya,

markonit said...

... great photo ..!  I like it a lot ... would have bought the postcard (were it a postcard ..!)

queeniemart said...

i LOVE waterfalls and i think your photo is AMAZING. You have such a wonderful gift! I am glad you met a new friend and got out and enjoyed yourself. I love it when you share your treasured pics.

mleighin21st said...

What a beautiful place.  Thanks for showing off the photos.  It sounds like a great trip.  
                                                          Smiles,  Leigh


sunflowerkat321 said...

This looks like an incredible location...one I'd like to explore.  You took some beautiful pics!

radar446 said...

You know...I saw the webpage where you all uploaded your pictures, and saw some by "Michelle" and saw a group picture thinking that you were in it.  I just wasn't 100% sure it was you till now.  Guess I was right, and your pictures were wonderful.  I can't believe that I missed this entry...must have been done right before I turned on my alerts.