Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pow WOW!

It isn't often, that I venture out on my own for an afternoon.  I find it ironic, that I would choose Mother's Day to "take off" so to speak, when it's usually my children's activities that make up the majority of my free time.  And rightly so, I might add.  My daughters are and have always been the highlight of my life. 

But lately, I've been considering the possibility that I might have interests of my own to explore as well. 

So I allowed myself that privilege today and went to the pow wow on my own.  It was very interesting, colorful and enlightening.  I sat alone, enjoying the festivities and the traditional Native American dancing, ate lunch alone (no buffalo tacos this year, thank you... :o) ) and walked among the crowd of people, fighting the urge not to spend all my money! 

I took lots of photos, and even though the sun was bright (I'm thankful for that) and I had to zoom in from afar to capture most of my images, I found a colorful few that I am happy with:







I do believe I'm going to try to do this sort of thing more often.  "Get a life" as the kids would say.  I not only enjoyed the pow wow, but also walked all around campus and down Main Street.  I spent some time in the Dartmouth Bookstore and even struck up conversation with strangers!  Somebody STOP ME!  hehehe...

Our custodian at school is an avid outdoorsman and hiker.  We've been talking, and I've decided that I shouldn't let my fear of being alone stop me from doing the things that I enjoy ~ even if it means I must enjoy them sans partner.  He's given me a couple of books on area hikes and trails.  I DO hope, that my girls will join me on these adventures, but if they decide they're not interested, I will not let that decision persuade me one way or the other.  There are groups in the upper valley that take hiking trips as well, and I haven't ruled out that possibility either.  I'd like to start fishing again, and someday, I might even buy myself a little fishing boat! 

There are simpler things, of course, to do on my own...  Go to a movie, visit a museum, see a play, etc...  And of course, the anytime, anywhere activities that I enjoy, like drawing, painting and reading.  The bottom line is, I need to start living my life again and stop letting my "aloneness" get the best of me.  Don't get me wrong ~ I'm happier now than I was a year ago in many ways.  But I've been letting the overall picture get me down. 

It's time to snap out of it.

I hope everyone enjoyed a peaceful, relaxing Sunday!




madcobug said...

I am glad that you had a good day. Your pictutes were great. Helen

siennastarr said...

I'll tell you Chelle... when you figure out how to not let the "aloneness" keep you from getting out there and living life.. than clue me in, will ya?  I have the worst time when it comes to doing things on my own.  I can't stand my own company! lol  I just prefer going places and doing things with someone else.  Preferably, my kids! lol  That doesn't always sit well with them! They've outgrown me, and where they used to be the clingy ones.. now, it is I who cling! lol


Loved your pictures!  Those native american costumes are so colorful, bright and beautiful!  I envy you that time you took to just do what you wanted on your own.. and you had a good time doing it!  GO YOU!!

Hugs and love

sunflowerkat321 said...

These pictures are wonderful!  I love the dancing feet!

Over the last few years I have learned to enjoy time alone.  It really does free you.  Now the trick is finding the alone time I so enjoy.  It grew out of photography, because I feel somewhat inhibited to take my time and create an image.  I feel bad about holding others up.  But now, even aside from photography I find a lot of peace in doing things my pace.

This doesn't mean that I enjoy my children any less.  I alway like to have them join me.  But if not....that ok!

Stick with it.....


pamal3 said...

Souns like a perfect Idea to me. Well done. I loved the pics. So vibrant and alive. Love Pam xx

mariebm56 said...

I've been exploring on my own for the past couple of son who is 16 does not like the things I like, so off I go....I just went to the Bronx Zoo last week was nice.  I hated to go anywhere by myself, but I get more done , alone, than when I go with anyone.  
These are wonderful, colorful shots, Chelle!
I wish I could have gone with you....I'll have to go to the Shinnecock PowWow at the end of the summer, out east~

frankandmary said...

I could always tell the guiding principles underlying every decision you make are the things you believe to be best for your children, but I am very happy Mom got some Chelle time.  Very well deserved.  ~Mary

ps I have been feeling the tight hugs you've been sending.

rdautumnsage said...

((Hugs)) I so enjoyed this entry. It tells me a few things in your own words. For one your spirit is starting to awaken and feel the beauty that every one else recognizes in you. The other would be your starting to realize your worth a little "me" time here and there. Motherhood is indeed glorious but we need to refreshen that pool of tranquility within us from time to time....(Hugs) Indigo

dbdacoba said...

Beautiful pictures, Michelle.  Some of the happiest hours of MY life were spent hiking the White Mountains, alone.  But I would go hiking with you if I were able.

You also write very well.  Do more of that

queeniemart said...

is the custodian single? Hmm....maybe you two can go on a hike. I am SO happy to read this entry, Chelle!! GOOD FOR YOU for going outside your safe zone and trying new things. Makes me SO happy!!! I love love the pics at the POW WOW....the colors are gorgeous.

bobbysgirl8584 said...

Hi Michelle! Sounds lke you had a great time and a great day! Your pictures are great. I think it is good that you are getting out and willing to try new things. I think it is important that we remember to take some time for ourselves to do things that we love or to try something we have never done before. It will only makes us better Moms to our kids I think.
Have a great day!

stupidsheetguy said...

I do believe you took a great step in your life that day. I think re-discovering yourself and exploring your own interests is a great service to give yourself. I'm so happy to read that you've gone this way.

And, WOW! What a great set of photos. Be sure to take your camera with you ALL the time!

markonit said...

... well, I tend to start where I have found you ... and this is that point ..!  Don't know why you are uncertain about venturing out on your own, but as long as you have an objective, you should be alright ..!

... after all, I will be pulling for you ..!

helmswondermom said...

I think it's great that you went on your own and had a wonderful time!  I actually like to occasionally do things like that on my own but rarely have the opportunity to do it anymore.  I have always found that going someplace different by myself gives me a great opportunity for thinking (which is harder to do as I get older and my kids get older) and observing.  I guess what I mean is that there is a time and place for everthing -- there are times when it's great to go somewhere with a companion, spouse, or child, but there are other times when we can benefit by doing something like that on our own.  I'm glad you had a great time.

justaname4me2 said...

There is great joy to be found in doing some things alone. I've sort of lived by this motto...I am a Mother and feel honored by the privledge, but, Motherhood does not define me.......Think about it, and you'll continue on that path to doing more things on your own.
I hope you have a beautiful weekend.

buckoclown said...

Thanks for stoping by my journal.  Glad you are branching out :o)

belaf02 said...

nice photos! Beautiful colors.  I'm glad you had a good time on your own.  I do so many things on my own...I think you really get to absorb the whole experience without distraction.  Good for you!