Monday, June 9, 2008

Beware: Munching CYBERBUGS!

We've been invaded.....

MalwareProtector is a program that has just recently been launched (or so I've read ~ maybe you've all heard of this to some degree...) into cyberspace and is infecting computers at an astoundingly high rate of speed.

Mine's one of them.

At this very moment, as I type away at the notebook PC, large, disgusting black bugs (literally) are crawling all over my desktop computer screen, eating away at my files.  A tad bit disconcerting, to say the very least... A swift swipe of the mouse temporarily exterminates the little buggers, but soon thereafter, not one, not two but countless hungry critters return to dine upon my precious electronic world. 

The program flashes a warning that your computer has been infected and insists that in order to fix it, you will need to purchase Malware Protector for 50 smackeroos (don't waste this week's gas money, people....).  If you click on the link provided up above, you'll see that this is in fact a SCAM, to steal your money and perhaps destroy what's LEFT of your computer and all the files you've meticulously created and organized since the very first day you logged on.

I've downloaded the software needed to remove the program to no avail.  I just thought I'd put the warning out there to anyone else who may be experimenting the same technical glitch in their system.  There ARE ways of exterminating the little buggers for good ~ I just haven't found them yet.  When i DO, I'll be sure to let you know....

This is what your computer screen will look like when you've been infested:



Luck be with you.


siennastarr said...

Lord have mercy!  I've not had that problem yet, and don't plan to!  I am so afraid to click on any links to websites or open ANY mail that comes with a file attached, even if it's from someone I know!
I'm having enough difficulties with my computer right now, I don't need any critters crawling around it.. inside OR out!

Hope you find a cure!


lanurseprn said...

OMG that would drive me NUTS!

madcobug said...

It's a shame that some prople get enjoyment from creating problems of that sort. I hope you can get it sorted out soon. Helen

acoward15 said...

It looks quite cool, but must be very frustrating.

chat2missie said...

Great, something else to worry about when it comes to our computers!  Thanks for the info.

nhd106 said...

That is horrible!  I can hardly believe that people get pleasure from stuff like this.
Sorry you got infected.....


pamal3 said...

What a nitemare. The best way to solve this Is to go to one of the technical help forums/message boards and ask for advice. I had problems years ago with some stuff and they were magic, totally sorted my stuff out. Good luck In getting rid of this. Love Pam xx

nanmm11 said...

Sick people out here in cyberspace but no have never heard or seen anything like this and if I do, my hard drive will be around the corner to my computer tech guy at his store sooooooo fast, the bugs won't know whats hittin them!! lol ewww So I take it spraying raid on my screen won't help? lol Please keep us informed

queeniemart said...

Chad has somehow got some BS spyware crap on my PC and it is making me is not bugs though. I hate this. I pray your problems somehow disappear.
i love you

pchilcoat1 said...

Sorry to hear of your problem, any solutions?

As Always


irishblueyess said...

Here is a site that can help you.  Read the "How to be ready" instructions, follow what they say to do, then post the required logs.  It may take awhile but it is worth it.  I wish you luck!

Take care,

lifes2odd said...

I hate when this kind of stuff happens -- this one is especially creepy! I sure hope you've found a way to eradicate the problem! Hope to hear from you soon!!