Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer Breezes

Summer is always filled with adventure of some kind.  I always start out by thinking of it as my "down" time.  My "me" time.  A (paid) break away from the classroom.  A time for my kids to take a long trip away with their dad (already home, safe and sound).  Time for a bit of leisure and time for my hobbies.  Maybe a few days here and there, just hangin' by the water, soaking in the sun....


As it turns out, summer has been and will continue to be an adventure all right ~ and a costly one.

First my desktop pc crashed and burned.  I've decided NOT to pay the $800 to get it fixed, but instead have my hard drive copied onto disk for $99.  As much as they can fit onto it for that price, anyway... 

Then my car broke down.  I found out Friday that it will cost about $1,200 to have it fixed.  I've looked into trading it in, but I still owe so much on it that it makes no sense to even consider doing that for more than five minutes.  I've had to cancel my trip to Maine with the girls and drain my savings account to a meager existence.  .

THEN my camera started acting up again ~ just in time for the 4th of July, of course.  I was so excited (and READY, dammit!) to attempt some half way decent fireworks shots, then I find those same distorted zig zaggy lines I started seeing a couple months ago (they were gone again yesterday, btw... ::sigh::).

So what might seem like a rant to most of you reading this, is actually more of a thing.  Just a "thing" I'm going through ~ making life a little more challenging in some ways right now. 

But what I really want to share is how little any of this really matters.  Not only is there a flip side to each of these situations, there is also something much more powerful and extraordinary than any financial pitfall I have fillingmy plate. 

My girls are happy.  I am happy.  We are all healthy.  Thankful by day and comfortable by night as we sleep.  I'm finding new and creative ways to (hopefully) earn more money.  I feel the warmth of love and the fulfillment of peace in all that I do and all that I face each and every day because of the presence of family and friends and loved ones by my side. 

Summer breezes ~ take me away.

Enjoy yours, if you are able.





lifes2odd said...

I really love your positive attitude and how you really know what's "small stuff" and are thankful for what is good in your life. I think the more really hard times we've gone through, the less that kind of stuff bothers us -- I'm right there with you. It's all a pain in the butt, but nothing to get worked up or upset over! I am sorry to hear you had to cancel your trip -- maybe it was meant to be for some reason, that's how I like to think of it anyway. Hugs, Martha :-)

breezyneon said...

It takes a well balanced person to handle those kind of financial burdens all at once and not have a melt down.  I can tell by your journal you know what is important in life.. your family, health, and friends.  Keep enjoying those summer breezes in spite of a few annoying problems !!!


chat2missie said...

Enjoy your week coming up and I hope things turn around.

mleighin21st said...

I know exactly what you're going through.  I admire your outlook on it all, though.  I hope the rest of your summer goes better for you.  


radar446 said...

You have all the most important things taken care of.  The other "things" will work themselves out as time marches on.


lanurseprn said...

You have  your priorities in the right order, that's for sure.

queeniemart said...

Just a few can appreciate life for what it really is and you are one of the few. I hope the camera quits acting up and that the car doesnt break down again.
much love to you

bobbysgirl8584 said...

Hi Michelle: everything always happens at once it seems. I am so sorry to read about your string of bad luck. but it sounds like you are handling things just fine. we are not making our annual vacation to New Hampshire this year either; and surprisingly I am ok with it. I am looking forward to just hanging out at home this summer except for a few college visits with my daughter. Have a great week!!!

dbdacoba said...

Sending soft summer breezes to you, with love.

buckoclown said...

Glad you have such a great perspective.  I find that happiness really does help us deal with minor pitfalls :o)

nhd106 said...

We've already talked but I feel I should comment.
Consider it done!  ; )

Love ya,

rbrown6172 said...

i would say you know your priorities!!  it's so wonderful to be happy and at peace.

helmswondermom said...

Great entry!!  

rdautumnsage said...

And you say I'm the inspiring one...You dear friend are the epitome of the word. Your growth and acceptance is awe inspiring. As I've always said life will almost always be unfair, we even up the odds with love. Your love of life is shining brighter than ever dear one. (Hugs)Indigo

sunflowerkat321 said...

It's not an easy lesson to learn and I'm afraid our kids are going to have an even harder time grappling with it.  Life is HARD...sometimes it downright sucks.  You've got to grab onto those little things that really matter and hang on.