Monday, August 4, 2008

(note:  the subject matter in the following words may be difficult depending on your personal experiences and/or beliefs.  i hope i don't offended anyone)

I think it was my senior year in high school, when I took a class called Death and Dying ~ or something sounding morbidly similar.  It was one of those Human Relations classes, that bridged the various cliques and personalities together in a way no other class could.  I remember certain classmates, who I never would have made contact with outside of the classroom due to differences that today of course, seem (and probably are) irrelevant.  Many times, the majority of us would walk out of that room a little more sensitive and empathetic to each other than we were when we arrived.

I recall one class in particular ~ one that pertained to the whole grieving process, that struck a chord in me which still chimes now and again some twenty years later. 

Tears stung many eyes that day, as many of us had already experienced such a loss in one way or another, but it was also uplifting in a sense, and that is what I'm thinking about today. 

I can still picture our teacher, Mr. Wood, standing in front of the class and demonstrating how the body is like a glove for the soul (of course, this was his own personal take on the matter, and I have to wonder if such a display would be considered inappropriate today). 

Holding out one hand (the soul), he placed the other over it (the body) and stated simply that, when we die, our body "slips off like a glove" and our soul is then free.  A simple idea, but where I went with it in the afterglow has been and is still very meaningful to me. 

Our physical being is a magnificent thing.  We are all different and our bodies don't always look, work or feel the way we would like them to.  Young or old, there are many who struggle physically in one way or another and that can have a pretty profound and lasting effect on who we are and how we feel on the inside.  Our bodies may delight, deceive, burden or strengthen us to an astounding degree, depending on circumstances within or beyond our control.  If we are lucky, in most instances those we are in physical contact with treat us kindly and lovingly ~ or, at the very least, respectfully.  But sometimes, it's when our souls  are deeply touched that we feel it the most, and I'm starting to wonder if that isn't what it's all about in the first place.  Our time on earth is so very brief, in the grand scheme of things, and sometimes, that thought scares the hell out of me and keeps me up at night. 

Other times, it thrills me to no end. 

So, friendly readers, may your souls be touched and well guarded in countless ways for many, many years to come, and your gloves be worn with beauty and grace. 

That's all for now.....  ;o)


chat2missie said...

I loved this entry!

lanurseprn said...

I really liked  that analogy. I can see why it stuck with you through all of these years.

siennastarr said...

What a beautiful concept.  I like that.  
Ialso like to think that we touch each other heart to heart... and soul to soul.  Often times we don't even have to meet one another in the physical sense of the word to have our hearts and souls touch and feel the love.


radar446 said...

I've heard a lot of explanations about what happens when you die, but this might be my favorite of the bunch.  Thanks for sharing this Chelle!


frankandmary said...

I was 20 when my Mom died, & shortly after that I took a college course, subject title: Death & Dying.  I can so relate.

And the person you emailed me about, my friend, she is now a missing person in California....I can relate even more.

Thank you for this entry right now. I needed it.

swferstl said...

How beautifully stated! Thank you for sharing that. Yes, as a teacher, I wouldn't be able to say that in today's classroom. But I think it's a beautiful analogy!
sher (wunzuponatime)

mleighin21st said...

What a beautiful entry.   I like the analogy.  And I think Jackie's expressed things very well.  
                                                                                               :)  Leigh

queeniemart said...

Good God. You need to be published. Truly. Any good writer makes others THINK after that person reads your work. I had to read this, go to work, come home and read it again. YOU are a gift and YOU have a gift.

i wish i could have been in that class. I am glad you were. Mr. Wood was a treasure, huh? I would have loved him. He is right, as are you. Our time on earth IS brief and i so want to make a difference. If i die today, i made one because God gave me Megan and Chad and though i may be the most messed up human on earth, i helped create two awesome people.
being touched all the way to your soul is rare and i can count on one hand the moments i  have felt that in my life and you know what? I go back to those moments when i hate myself and remember them and they give me hope.

i love you.

flossiepumpkin said...


buckoclown said...

Thanks for sharing this entry.  For any of us that have suffered a loss, the memories are rekindled through your words :o)

abaleman666 said...

this was beautifully written and thoughtful.  i have been struggling with my own concept of faith and what a 'soul' is and it made me think.

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