Saturday, July 30, 2005

A Fresh Start

There comes a time when change is good.  I have made changes to my journals layout in the past, but I woke up this morning with a whole new thought.  Don't ask me why I was thinking about journaling at such a time...I honestly don't usually put that much thought into it.  Since I started my journal in March of this year, I have mostly concentrated on writing about the daily life of my family, which hey, is just fine ~ my family is the most important thing in my life!  Yet, I woke up feeling like, I don't really know exactly.  Like I needed to reflect more on life and let those thoughts out more that twist and turn in this head of mine.  Thoughts on certain topics or ideas.  Thoughts on life.  I may even get creative now and then and write a short story.  It's kind of exciting to have this outlet that is shared with people everywhere.  For a time, I thought, how crazy it was to even think of opening up and letting all these strangers into my life.  My private thoughts.  My family.

I'm getting over it.  

So "here's" to new ideas.   To total abandon.  To freedom of expression....I think I'm gonna like this. 




hillareeday said...

Yay! To new beginnings!!

sierrajazz said...

Hi, I discovered your jounanl through the Poetry Dance journal, and wanted to read some of your older entries to get to know more about you.  I can really relate to this entry since I am new to journaling, and am finally getting comfortable with sharing all my many emotions.. the good and the bad with people here.  It is kind of scary, as I am a very private person when it comes to some areas of my life.  But this does provide a place to let things out and get some feed back and I too have felt more creative, and become more interested in art, photography, poetry, and writing stories.  I love it here.. so I think you will like it when you totally let yourself go!!  I am looking forward to reading more of your journal.