Thursday, February 23, 2006

all new to me



all new to me :   This is a newly begun journal, written by my epal Maria!  I told her how great the journal land community is and that she should start a blog.  Please show her some love and give her a visit!!  She is BRAND new at this and just starting to learn.  As many of us are still learning ourselves, I thought we could lend an ear.  Or an eye... and a smile  ;oD       



thinkingoutloud said...

On my way>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Nite nite-
Niki :)

cherry2sweet2eat said...

Whew you blew j-land up a little to big could of warned her of the "crazy people" i dont consider myself a part of j-land just a person who has a journal and friends with journals lol i stopped that once i realize how MOST people in j-land was like it was a gang and you either join them or get hurt in their wordly battles that took place all day long. I hope your doing well
~much love cherry

siennastarr said...

I have met some wonderful people here in JLand.. more good, than bad.  It's a great place, in my opinion!  I went and welcomed her, and put her on alert!  :)


onemoretina said...

I'm gonna get right over there and give her a great big 'J-land' welcome.  Tina

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I will head over to there now.  Take care and have a great weekend.  TerryAnn.

bobbysgirl8584 said...

hello Michelle!
I survived hubby's crazy bday weekend...thanks for the warm welcome from you and your friends. I think I am going to like it here!
Hope you had a great day; & survived the day back to work after vacation.
take care!