Saturday, March 25, 2006






That Tiger of mine is best of friends with Murphy the goldfish.  She wouldn't dream of drinking from her own bowl, it's not "fishy" enough..... yuck.

Just taking a break from watching a real "grown up" film to post.  My girls were both out tonight.  One is home now, and happily watching Disney channel, so my movie is postponed until later.  It's quite good.  North Country is about women miners in 1989, when there was a male/female ratio of about 35 to 1.  One woman is sexually harrassed terribly as are the others, but no one will go against the men harrassing them except this one woman, who gets nailed big time for it.  It's based on a true story, and is well worth seeing.  I can't imagine facing this concept....working in a school where there is only 5 male employees (including the custodians), I find my workplace very comfortable and the few men are treated with as much respect as any staff member.  We are gaining a new principal next year, a man, and we are all looking forward to having him.  He is currently the American Embassy School principal in India, and has been an American Embassy principal for two decades.  It will be very exciting and interesting to see where he will lead our school.  One thing I am sure of.  It is a wonderful place to work, male or female, and I want very little, if any, change.

Being half of an interracial marriage has taught me many things.   About differences and how the human race views our differences.  Now, don't get me wrong.  I could never begin to understand how others feel when they are treated badly because they are different, for whatever reason.... I have never been in a minorities shoes when they are treated unfairly or misjudged.  I have never felt what it's like to be stared at because I have a disability, even though I am learning how difficult it CAN be, from working with children who have disabilities and witnessing it first hand. The closest I can come to that is being in Chinatown with my family, and I am one of the only caucasian woman, and I have biracial children.  Sometimes I get the stares, or WE get them, because we are different.  I often wonder what they are thinking.  Most of the time, all the comments we recieve are non-racial, with compliments on how beautiful our girls are, or how well behaved.  This was, of course, before they grew and became firecats, but anyway....moving on.  Other times, I can almost read their minds by the looks on their faces.  Like, "OH look at her....who does she think she is?" or "look at those children!  How do they know what they are??"  Then I get steamed up inside.... but I let it go.  I let it go because I know that we are teaching our girls to know WHO they are, which is the most important thing.  That it's okay to mark both circles on the forms that ask their race, even though it says mark just one.  That we are many of us full of differences.  Different nationalities, with ancestors from different places.  I may be white, but I am part Irish/Scottish, and french/Indian!  That celebrating holidays from more than one culture is a thrill to share with family and teach friends.  Even teachers!!  That WHO we are matters most, and HOW we are, and HOW we live is what we take with us always...  That everyone deserves to be treated with respect, despite our differences or sex.  Whether it's our skin color, hair color, ability or non ability, height, weight, looks, fur...  Or scales.  We are one under God. 

In the grand scheme of things ~ we are simply a box of crayons.  Let's celebrate!


                      IF ONLY IT WAS THAT EASY!!!





jbenjack said...

HI!! I haven't been around in like forever! So glad you are well! I hear ya on the "differences" thing! I agree with you on the crayons too!! LOL Nice picture of you-finally!!! lol

siennastarr said...

What an absolutely wonderful entry!  I couldn't agree with you more on any of the things you brought to light.

I agree with you about the box of crayons. That's exactly what we all are


bobbysgirl8584 said...

Absolutely so true...this was beautiful!!
Hope you are having a good weekend!!

cherry2sweet2eat said...

dont worry about what no one thinks of you or your kids live your life and let them continue to be ignorant.

gdireneoe said...

Hey chica, this is my favourite entry so far.  We could sooo talk...  Guess what?  I'm in an interracial marriage too...I'm a girl who married a pig! ;)  C.

robinngabster said...

Hi.  I love the goldfish's name.  My maiden name is Murphy!!!  I to am in an interracial marriage....for the most part we never hear anything but there are the looks from time to time.  Live and let live I say!