Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thirteen SOMETHING....((sniff))


Yep, the bug has arrived...or rather, it never went away.  I was home 2 days last week with Amanda, now it's Mailee's turn.  She has the fever, cough, sore throat flu thing that is going around like mad at school.  Oh yeah, and me.... I'm just fighting it off!  Thank goodness I work in a place that is so understanding of these kinds of issues.  They certainly don't want sick kids in class.  Minh can't stay home.  He's never able to stay home.  I wouldn't even dream of asking.  Miss the kiddos, but I plan to go back tomorrow if Mai's fever is down today.

Okay, so Charley gave me something else to do, for which I am very grateful because I just haven't had it in me lately to be original.  I need to get out in the sun...


                      Thursday Thirteen...

post an entry with a list of thirteen something.  It can be anything.  So, here's mine:


1.  Lying on the beach, any tropical beach would do, reading the novel I am currently working on "Plain Truth" (jodi picoult, of course)

2.  Fishing

3.  Boating

4.  Standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon...okay, maybe not the edge.  Back just a ways.

5.  New York City.  I've never been.

6.  At a Broadway show

7.  Wildwoods, NJ (again, the many dolphins there!)

8.  Vacationing, anywhere with my family

9.  In a theater watching a good movie

10. Watching a country music festival with all my favorite CM singers!

11. Visiting Lynn in Texas   

12. Visiting Kathy in Montana

13. At an amusement park                     



gdireneoe said...

Too funny on the pic!  What a cool graphic too...the concept.  Poor babies.  We've started allergies here...mleh...;)  C.

bobbysgirl8584 said...

sorry to hear Mailee is not feeling well; hopefully she will bounce back quick. the kids usually do! It is us old folks that seem to have symptoms(sp??) forever!
Have a great weekend...and hopefully you will all be healthy soon!

cyndygee said...

I'd rather be . . .well!  My bad back has really flared up.  

Hope your daughter is back to her old self SOON!  ;-)

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Praying your daughter gets well soon...TerryAnn.

helmswondermom said...

Hope everyone gets better soon.  Love the picture!

dbdacoba said...

I love amusement parks.