Saturday, March 11, 2006

Panda Cam

If you love animals, you must check out these webcams from the National Zoo.  I have been watching the panda and naked mole rats!  Also the Amazon River cam, where you can view fish swimming around.  Okay, so I'm easy to please.  I'm a sap when it comes to animals.  If this panda didn't look so happy, I'd be ugly about it's captivity.  He as pleased as a pig in doo doo.  I hope the link works for you.

What a glorious prespring day.  The sun on my face, the grills aroma throughout the neighborhood... kids playing everywhere... I knew I was looking forward to something.




siennastarr said...

I enjoyed that so much!!  The panda I saw was lying on the ground chowing down on whatever that stuff is they eat! lol  She looked happy that's for sure!  Couldn't tell if it was the baby or the mom, but when I looked at Cam2, and barely could see the other Panda, the first looked smaller, so I think it was the baby.
Tried looking at the Tigers, but they were hiding somewhere! lol
The elephants were inside, and the zoo keepers were feeding them or something.  Must be getting dark over there in Japan?  Is that where they are?

Thanks for sharing!


chat2missie said...

Thankas for visiting my journal.  I love animals so I'm going to check out the zoo link.

onemoretina said...

Thanks for passing this one along.  I am going back over there during the daylight hours, to see what I can see !  Tina

cdittric77 said...

You and I both know is that what you really love are the naked mole rats ;)