Sunday, January 14, 2007


Okay, I have no idea if this will work..  I'm trying out a new way of sharing photos through  Thanks Bea,(, for the inspiriation! 

If this in fact, DOES work, you will surely recognize many of these photos, as I have shared most of them in this journal and the photos come directly from my AIM page.  I mostly wanted to see what it would look like on a journal page so that I might have a new and interesting way to share my photos. 

So here we go! 


nhd106 said...

Wow....those are great!  I'm still trying to get the "woohoo" that I create onto my journal.  I'm almost there!
Good job...they're beautiful shots.


bgilmore725 said...

I couldn't see them Michelle... so I'll try again... I don't know why it didn't work, though. I saw the little star circling around, and then a little black square with a message about server requesting time is what I saw.. Let me go out and try again. bea

pippa1116 said...

that is so cool!  thanks for sharing. AND those are beautiful photos! i love to take pictures myself.

bgilmore725 said...

there, they showed up this time... they look great, too. Wasn't it easy? I couldn't believe how easy it was to do. And it didn't take long to create it. It's like havinga new toy to play with! Thanks for visiting in my journal. I'm getting better, and my sister is home. bea

bobbysgirl8584 said...

Hey Michelle!! These are beautiful...I have to figure out how to do this; but I have yet to figure out how to get my pics on my aim page...I have a lot of work to do! Have a great weekend; hope all is well with you and your family.

jckfrstross said...

very good pictures:) i love purple and the flowers were gorgeous:) have a good week


rbrown6172 said...

great job!  you have some beautiful photos!  :)

queeniemart said...

Wow, you have a great eye for nature and beauty. I love these pics and am so glad you shared them!
XO lj

mariebm56 said...

Lovely images, haven't seen these.
You did a great job~

redsneakz said...

::grin:: nicely done, indeed.

lanurseprn said...

This is a good way to show photos.  Everyone is getting so talented in journals nowadays.

siennastarr said...

I went there and I cannot figure out how to do that!!!!  GRRRRRRR!   I will have to give it another try!  It just seemed so complicated!

Loved your pics!


cdittric77 said...

Great work - and they are lovely!

queenb8261 said...

Very nice photos.