Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Head Smasher No More


I feel like a new person tonight, thanks to you!  Not too long ago, I was this frustrated, headsmasher trying desperately to figure the graphics thing out.  Rebecca, I am dedicating this one to you...and let's hope it all saves fine.  If not, this computer is straight out the window!  Your instuctions were outstanding, though, so shouldn't be anymore problems.  May even try out another....

Ok, this is tricky.  I'm still experimenting.  I wanted to add another graphic and it opened up above next to the head smasher guy....I have some work to do!



This is definetly working out.

Alright, my daughter is getting pretty annoyed with me and I can't say I blame her.  She wants help scrapbooking and is getting louder with every word I add to this entry. 



barbpinion said...

I love this graphic. It is so calming.

cdittric77 said...

Well done :) Looks great! Super!

justaname4me2 said...

WOOOHOOOO and it didn't take you a month like it took ME :o)
It looks wonderful, now you'll be having all sorts of fun with graphics and pictures.
Your very welcome and I'm glad my directions weren't as crazy as I thought~
You've entered a new dimension, watch out everyone, she's on fire~