Thursday, October 27, 2005

Two Things part DEUX

Back to our regularly schedueled journal entry...

(second part of favorite songs question)

Rain by George Winston (also a top favorite artist)


Two things you want in a relationship (other than real love)



Two truths (confessions)

I sneak my girl's Halloween candy (bad, I know..)

I can be much too outspoken

Two physical traits that appeal to you



Two favorite hobbies



Two things you want really badly

A house

To sleep in...

Two places you would like to vacation


any tropical island

Two things you want to do before you die

See my children grow old


Two ways you are a stereotypical chick/guy:

Typical "blonde"

I scream very loudly at spiders

Two things you wouldn't normally admit:

Everyone thinks I'm so patient, but inside, I'm screaming.

I bought my SUV on my own when my husband adamently refused to say yes to it!  (did not go over well...)


Well, that says quite a bit...Yes, I have my faults.  Don't we all?  Gee, I sure hope so.  That must be called being human.  To all blondes out there...hope you don't take offense ~ I AM a bit of a flake at times, and often people say that to me..."typical blonde"  I've come to terms with it and find it quite useful at times!!

Anyone else gonna give this a try?  Thanks for the inspiration Charley!

Here are some fun pumpkin pics from last weekend! 



cdittric77 said...

thanks for playing...and more so, thanks for the glance into your world.

sangrialel said...

Thanks for stopping by my journal!  Loved your answers too.  Lelly

orbguy222 said...

Thanks for stopping by my journal. This is a nice place you have here. If you give me a movie title that describes you, I'll add you to my fav journals.

libragem007 said...

Trick o' Treat!!
Whatever you do...Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!

Gem :-D