Sunday, January 1, 2006

Reflect on this....

                                                  Let Life Come...

Let life come to you, the joys and the problems, the victories and the setbacks, the magnificent beauty and the frustrating difficulties. Let life come, take it all in, and make the very most of it.
Don't fight it or force it, don't hide from it or run away, let life come as it will. Let life come and experience the rich, unique flavor of every moment.
Rather than waiting for things to get better or wishing things had not gone the way they did, let life continue to come and live it as it does. Let life come and learn from it, grow with it, become your best through whatever comes your way.
Welcome each new moment and open your eyes to the positive value that it brings. Sometimes that value is obvious, and other times it is hidden, yet always it is there.Let life come, with all its treasures and all its shortcomings.
Let life come, every bit of it, and be truly, gloriously alive.

Ralph Marston


        This found me tonight as I strolled through Jland.... we are having a bit of a difficult evening here at home.  I wanted to enjoy our last night before school starts again, but their constant nit picking, name calling and foot stomping has made that impossible.  Their dad had exactly 2 days off in December, all the rest working 10-11 hour days... and yet we are still having money issues.  The marriage issues are a given, with those kinds of hours.  I blew my stack, so I am all alone in level 2 of this little narrow condo, and I needed the long walk... Lord knows my body needs a "real" walk, but it's dark, cold and misty.  I'm just too lazy.  Ok, now I think I will reread that inspiring little piece up there..again.  and again.  and again....  'night! 




barbpinion said...

Soak it up hon. It really does help. I have inspirational things all around me. If we read them enough, after awhile we began to incorporate what we learn into our life. Raising a family is tough work; so is working on a marriage. You're always in my prayers & I thank you so much for keeping us in yours.

aljes12 said...

I like that, the quote...very good and makes you think. Talk to you later and hang in there. XOXO

- Jessica