Saturday, January 21, 2006

This is nice... I mean, how often do I get to sit here at my computer in broad daylight with complete silence on a Saturday afternoon?  ahhhh...

Amanda had her birthday party last night.  She opted for the slumber party at home, with an hour long swim at the local gym.  6 girls total.  Oh yeah, and minus one little sister.  Poor Mai, she wanted so much to be here.  She is having her own fun at her best friend's house, though, so she is fine.  She will be staying there tonight as well.  Practicing for camp next month.  She goes as a guest with her friend to Clara Barton which is a camp for kids with diabetes.  I've mentioned this friend before.  What a trooper this girl is.  She has been with me when her sugar tested more than 500 (do to a flaw in her insulin pump) and other times it was so low I thought I'd faint just looking at the number on the meter.  ", that's a little low, huh?" (me, trying to stay calm)  "Oh, I've been lower...." (says nonchaulant 8 year old.)  Gee wiz. 

Mailee had her purple belt test Thursday and passed.  She did very well, although she was a bit nervous and tended to look at others rather then focusing just on her own Katas.  I'm still very proud of her though, and know it all will come for her in time.  Next is brown and then black.... yikes.

Anyway, back to the party.  It was great!  I'm so happy for her to have had such a successful party!!  And no one cried!!  That is HUGE for preteens!  Now maybe she will feel more comfortable having friends over and not be worrying so much that her home doesn't measure up to her "rich" friend's standards.  They are NOT materialistic, and she needs to think more highly of them then that.  They all had a blast.  We live in a pretty decent area.  Yes, there are cliques, but she has so much more going for her than that.  She is beautiful, smart, funny, athletic, kind, and a loyal friend.  I can't believe she will be 12 in a couple days.  How on earth does this happen?  Her basketball team got their A$$es beat today, again.  She was trampled on and bruised.  My baby is learning hard lessons, and it only goes on from here.  Gets worse, if my memory serves me right. 

Well, that's it for now I guess.  Sleeping beauty has risen from her nap!  She'd be ticked knowing I said she took a nap!  Wish I could have that luxury!!  Off to fluff and fold!! 





justaname4me2 said...

I adore quiet moments like you were having on this day. Thats wonderful your daughter passed! I love the picture, you my friend are going to have a daughter who will certainly know how to take care of herself and I think thats great!!!

sierrajazz said...

A slumber and everyone survived...Good for you!!!  I LOVED slumber parties as a teen, but sure hated when my daugt and step daught wanted to have them.. but they are a must while growing up.
Congrats on the purple belt for Mailee, you have every right to be proud.