Sunday, January 8, 2006

Writing Material

Been meaning to write...really I have. We have been so busy lately, that when I am online, I have just about enough time to check my mail and have some short chats via IM. So, I have a few ideas from fellow journalers...

Tina writes: ...we have some really interesting names for journals  here on AOL, and on other sites as well. It got me to thinking:  I wonder how my fellow journal writers came up with their journal titles .... and even more than that.... how they came up with the screen names they write under?  I'm sure there are dozens of interesting stories out there .... Is anybody  willing to share?  I would love to hear your explanations.  You can leave it here in comments, or write it up in your journal and leave me a link.  I can't wait to hear your stories.

This was my comment in Tina's journal:

My SN speaks for itself.... In A Frenzy 247  is a way of life here in our house!  It's not frenzied in a BAD way, just very, very busy!  When we first got this PC and I was trying to think of a screen name, I was trying the ever popular "crazy" names, like "crazy mom" and "BZYMOM"  INAFRNZ just came to me as I was writing down different ideas, and it just happened to go through!

My journals originally was called "Time For ME"  and I never cared for it, so I changed it.  I reflect on life and my feelings about things in almost all of my entries, so I decided to change it to Reflections.  My blogspot journal is called More Reflections.  Go figure!    Michelle



Secondly, I've been tagged by Stacy for the following info...

....rules of the game: You must write a journal entry listing the 5 things that drive you CRAZY  ~ as well as the rules of the game... Then, you select five people to tag and link their names/blogs in your entry... Go to their journals and leave a comment informing them they have been tagged by you and to read your journal to see in what way they have been nailed. Those five then MUST write an entry listing What drives them crazy and tag an additional five people...      

SOOO.... let's see now.

1.  It drives me crazy when my girls are mean to each other... I know full well how normal this is, and that it's all part of growing up sisters, but never having a sister of my own, I tend to forget that tad bit of information... I want them to care about each other.  I want them to LOVE each other, damn it!  Every time one of them opens their mouth with hurtful words, my throat tightens up and I start to  hyperventilate.  I'm getting better at tuning it out.  Ok, maybe not, but I'm trying.

2.  It drives me crazy when no one will stop and let me out of school #1 in the morning so that we can get to #2 on time.  OK, I KNOW this is my own fault that we are always late in the first place, but all that FIGHTING!!  

3.  When parents spank their children in public.  I know that some people believe in this practice of discipline, and I could write a whole entry on this subject that some may not agree with.  I can not say that I have never, ever spanked my children, and it's certainly something I have envisioned doing at really hard moments, but it is very rare that I ever did, and I never wanted to, as I don't believe that it is right.  When I see someone hit a child, I want to go right over and punch them.  HARD.           



4.  It drives me crazy when we are at the movies, and there are rows and ROWS of empty seats, and someone very tall comes over and sits RIGHT INFRONT of my 8 year old.    

5.  One more thing.  It's makes me CRAZY when my neighbors turn up their stereo REALLY loud and we have to listen to it while we have dinner/watch a movie/read etc... I'm not good at knocking on doors, and  these people are friends.  I don't think they really know how loud it is, but we got a 700 watt home theater system with surround sound for Christmas, so they know now...  HEH, HEH!   

Okay, now for tagging...







Don't feel obligated or anything.  NO REALLY!  I know, I know getting TAGGED drives you crazy!!!!

                               Too bad.








hillareeday said...

Hey! Thanks for tagging me! I feel honored.
I am going to write it up right now, even though I could be putting in another load of laundry, doing the dishes or finishing up some lesson plans...heh. heh, but THOSE things aren't THIS much FUN!!!
I will be back with a link! Caio for now!

onemoretina said...

Oh, Goody !  Now I have a legitimate excuse to complain ... and I can blame YOU !! lol   I'm getting to work on it .... Tina

gdireneoe said...

Oh cool!  What a good name.  My girlies can get nasty too...know what I do?  I make them hug each other and stand nose to nose...literally...touching nose to nose.  It usually only takes about ten seconds for them to start giggling...then we talk.  I hardly ever spank my kiddies too...I usually don't have to, and i agree with the "right there" public spanking thing...however...I do believe it is also pointless to have them wait until we go to the bathroom (I've only ever had to do this twice...same child...the diva...go figure), or to the car.  I was in full swat the first time and nearly wet myself when I saw a policeman watching me...the whole abuse stigma...until I saw his face...he got me, he knew that it wasn't the norm.  i also have a rationale rule attached to spanking, that goes with wack for each year...and if you get to ten and you still require a spanking?...that's how I say it a in..come on...get serious.  Now let me give you a giggle.  One time, when my son was had been one of those days...and I gave him a choice...T&T (time out and talk) or a spanking...the little buggar took the spanking!  Do you know what he SAID to me?!  "Mommy...I just want to HEAR you today!"  LOLOLOL!  I gave him his four whacks and then went in the bathroom and laughed until I had silence!  Oh my...  ;)  C.

gdireneoe said...

Ooops!  That shoulda been, "Mommy...I just don't want to HEAR you today!" ;)  C.

cherry2sweet2eat said...

Thanks for coming by my journal
you said it drives you crazy when someone spanks their child in public.
Well its better then them jumping and acting a fool when they know they dont do it at home so u dont act right in public then you better believe u will get "act right" in public. Kids no what they should and shouldnt do and they believe cuz they are in public they can embarrass they parents i applaud those for putting they kids in line cuz im tired of watching lil kids disrespect and jump around and act like fools and the parents sit there and let them because they to scared to smack they hand or pluck them or something cuz they think someone is going to call the cops. Some women get outrageous when they see a kid getting "act right" and makes it seem like its child abuse no its not child abuse is much worse then that. and those women who act like its horrible are the main ones with the bad kids mouthing off and cursing out their parents. When i have my kids he/she/they will know how to act in public parents these days dont teach them manners or respect but mines will know it and if u ever see me with kids acting up you better be prepared to get angry cuz they getting the hand!