Friday, June 24, 2005

Just a Quickie

Well, I really must start keeping up in here.  We have been so busy every day this week just doin' the summer THANG ~ lazin' by the pool or lake...catchin' good (some good) movies...oh, sorry about the drawl.  I'm just so enjoyin' this...

Things are pretty good.  You know, even when I'm feeling negitive I tend to push those thoughts aside and just try to count my daily blessings.  I've said it before, I know.  I find that when I start to feel down I'm pretty good at it.  I always worry that if I don't count my blessings that I may not always be so blessed.  I try not to take things for granted.  Although, we just can't always control things.  God has a plan for us all.  I just pray always that we stay healthy and safe. 

I always say that I want to be more creative in my writing...When I was in high school ~ too long ago, in my opinion~ I could come up with something profound every time I started writing.  I seem to have lost it.  Yet, when I attempt it, I always erase what I start.  Like I don't trust myself anymore.  It seems as though the words are locked up inside me somewhere and I want to scream what is in my heart, but then there is silence.  I can't think of the words anymore... maybe this is good.  Maybe life is just so simple that I need to just accept it and live.  That's what I've been doing for such a long, long time.  Perhaps so long that I am forgetting to feel what I am afraid to feel. 

This isn't sounding good.  I have had a great week with my daughters.  I truly am happy just being with my daughters.  We are going on an overnight camping trip tomorrow with 3 other families from Brownies.  Dad's are going to.  Not their dad though.  He's not really comfortable with the idea.  But, I guess we have just become used to this.  Not M, though.  She cried... and he is off from work for 2 weeks.  At least, he's supposed to be.  I kept the girls out of vacaction bible school because I thought he would  be home.  Now, it seems he will be helping at another restaurant.  But, I guess we have become used to this.  Oh, I said that all ready....

Wait!  The subject for this entry is Just a Quickie and look at me ramble on and on.  Sounds like an episode of Desperate Housewives.  UGH!  (Ok, so I guess I have become used to this :o) )  Night!


hillareeday said...

Enjoy your summer! I have been enjoying mine, but as I sit here and listen to faint sounds of firecrackers...I know that the 4th is just around the corner and that the summer break is halfway over!
I am starting to look forward to third grade though, even though I haven't touched anything remotely related to school at all!

barbpinion said...

I like that you're writing even now, even though you're not exaclty pleased with the way it comes out. I experience this from time-to-time too. I can't NOT write. It is as much me as breathing. This being true for me, I write no matter how I feel and don't worry about what it sounds like. It is, after all, part of me. And this entry is part of you, a small part I didn't know before. Now I do! Glad you wrote.
Hugs, love & prayers. Barb-

jouell3935 said...

LOL....Thanks for stopping over at Point/Counterpoint! I would be honored that you volunteer!! Yeaaaah! I am putting together the topics and mailing out to writers tonight!
Keep a look out!!! I like your journal!!! Writing is a wonderful craft, the more you do, the more you grow!! Keep writing!