Thursday, June 30, 2005

Me, Myself and I

Well, this is different...

After a rather sad event, it was suggested that I go ahead and bring my girls to Vacation Bible School.  They are there from 6:00 - 8:30pm, so I have all this time to myself.  Usually I'm there teaching.  I like this time of doing my own thing, yet I miss not being there having fun with all the kids!  I need this time, though.  We all do.  Just a small amount of alone time to reflect, relax, or just to be me. 

The rather sad event is a bit of a story... a while ago,  A (oldest daugher) was having a lot of trouble with allergies and we had a bunny that the Dr. suggested we find another home for.  We tried for months to get along without letting him go, but A was having great difficulties with it.  So, a friend of mine was awesome enough to say her family could take BunBun for us.  We brought him over and he began a loving relationship with this family.  Their kids loved him so much and loved taking him for walks on his harness.  He loved being outside, so logically after the weather became warmer this spring, they had him move outside to the hut with their other bunny.  All was going well....very well in fact, and it seemed strange to them that two male bunnies would get on so well....(ahem)  When baby number one came, obviously it was discovered.  BunBun was not a he.  He was a SHE.  How exciting!!  Then, number two was born!

Well, nature has a way of seeing things played out in the way they are meant to, and unfortunately, we found out the babies didn't make it...and neither did BunBun.  :(

I have never seen M (my youngest) so sad.  She cried big tears all afternoon.  This was her first major experience like this.  Losing a fish is sad, yes she cried when Nemo died, but THIS...oh my goodness.  She couldn't eat dinner!  When my friend who had taken in BunBun mentioned VBS and thought they could still join even though it was late, I wasn't sure how M would be to go, but she really wanted to.  It was the road to happiville.  Thank the good Lord, she was so excited about it she stayed up late making extra key chains for her goodies.  She had mentioned missingBunBun once today, and we are talking about him.  I want her to talk and explore her feelings.  Maybe there is a special feeling she is having in going to VBS to help her feel closer to her bunny.  I know it's a bunny....but he/she was so special to her.  She didn't  want to give him away.  And of course our friends who took him in feel terrible.  Which of course they shouldn't.  She keeps saying they shouldn't have taken him outside.  Gosh, of course they had no way of knowing!!  We all thought she was a boy!! 

Again, as I've said before, there are the reasons we have no right questioning.  Just as He takes those nearest and dearest...we all must go home someday.  This is just a moment.  DON'T WASTE IT! 

LIVE...LOVE...LAUGH      and for me, tonight, I will inhale the peaceful air. 

Have a pleasant night  :)


hillareeday said...

I am sorry to hear about BunBun! Poor M! It is always hard to lose a pet, no matter what age. If you develop a close relationship to another living being, it is a difficult thing to let go.
Have a great 4th of July!

justaname4me2 said...

Oh I'm so sorry this happened to your family. I wish I had the right words to say here, but sadly, I don't. I know it's tough to see your children sad over something you have no control over. Sending my thoughts out to you and your family.