Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Haiku Poem For the Dance

This weeks poem assignment at Poetry Dance is to write a Haiku Poem about a journal that you are fond of.  I had a hard time deciding, as I love you all...but one inparticular that stands out to me as always being one of my favorites is Rebecca's journal   http://journals.aol.com/JustAName4Me2/InTheShadowOfTheIris/

When I first found her journal, I was so happy to see another mom who takes her girls fishing!  Flyfishing no less!  I was hooked!


So here goes...


An inspiration

To all who visit her there

How she makes me THINK!             



sierrajazz said...

Hey You did a great job on your poem. And picked a wonderful journal to write about.
Rebecca's Journal definitely makes you THINK!!  She keeps my mind a whirling!!

tlorenz2000 said...

I'd be interested to hear another one about the fishing.  Since haiku poems are an art based on the quickness of one moment and nature,  fly fishing would be perfect.  

you should do another.

rebecca certainly does make a person think twice,  eh?
if you tried the single line form also and put some effort into word choice,  i bet you could stand it straight up like a fishing pole and also make it a visual poem  (what are those called again? drat.)  I've seen a few, one about butterflies where the words make the outline of a butterfly,  they have a specific name but the word escapes me.

great haiku!  I'll be seein' ya around poetry dance.


justaname4me2 said...

<huge smile> Thank you so much!!! Loved it and I appreciate your visits so much. I'm humbly wordless right now, about time someone got me speech <type>less huh :o)
How about~~Thank you~~ I feel honored and blessed our journals have crossed paths.

cdittric77 said...

Too true! she's awesome!

auburndawn said...

Oh...  I am a big fan of Rebecca's Journal as well.  She is very creative.  Good journal and good choice...  and I agree that seeing you do a haiku on fishing would be nice.  :)  Up to it?  ::grins::