Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ok...I have erased what I have written three times now.  Started out with poems ~ gone.  Then wrote thoughts ~ ramblings.  I am finding it difficult at the moment.  When I sat down, the girls were off doing their own thing.  Just a moment later, they were standing beside me arguing.  Something far less upsetting than their FIGHTING, but distracting just the same.  I am now getting the "Mommy, my wrist hurts" and the "my stomach hurts".  The TV is on, yet the one not watching is singing loudly with her headphones on.  Oh dear the cell is ringing...This is not working out for now.  Perhaps later!  :o)


justaname4me2 said...

Wow, that rainbow is beautiful! A full arc. LOL I understand, Mommy time is dictated by the current affairs. Take care and write when the coast is clear.

tillysweetchops said...

You sound like you're describing a scene straight from my house. Sometimes I'll try and bribe them with a treat or some fruit in order to grab 5 mins of peace; but because I've got six children, the minute I peel the last tangerine the first one has finished. And on it goes!! lol

sierrajazz said...

RAINBOW.. how beautiful!!!
I was laughing reading this entry... I can be ignored all day long... but let me get on the computer or the phone and everyone needs my immediate attention!!! Never fails!!!  Ya can't fight it ... give them your undivided attention and you will get your alone time EVENTUALLY!!!   ha ha..