Saturday, December 10, 2005


Make-a-Flake!Yes, you too can create your very own snowflake!  Really, we had a lot of fun with this...check it out at:

Thanks Charley for the link!

We had a wonderful snowfall yesterday that gave us our first snowday of the year off from school.  We enjoyed the day, playing a bit in the snow and driving a short distance to our local theater to watch wide eyed The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

I must warn anyone who has not seen this that you may want to think twice about bringing very young children.  I thought Harry Potter was creepy!!  My girls seemed to love it, but I think they may have been putting on the brave face.  The effects are amazing and the wolves are fierce.  The White witch, well, you can guess.  Aselan's scene near the end (those of you who know the story understand) is quite frightening, the creatures are amazingly real looking and Lion King memories will come back ten fold.

It WAS fantastic, though.

Well, I have to run upstairs and check on Mai and her friend.  We were talked into a sleepover tonight while roaming the aisles of Walmart today.  A neighbor who is a bit on the pushy side decided to invite her daughter to my house again, now she is scared and won't sleep, the poor thing, so I'm going to check on her.  I hear voices...

Until next time, be well..


cdittric77 said...

Glad you enjoyed the link! Can't wait to see Narnia myself!!!
With peace and love,

barbpinion said...

That snowflake thing is fun to mess around with. Stay warm and have a Merry Christmas.
Hugs, love & prayers,

anarchitek said...

We saw Narnia this past weekend, also.  I thought they did a terrific job of translating the book to the screen, and keeping the message intact.  The evil characters were bad enough to be taken seriously, without being creepy or sick.  The battle scenes were intense, for preteens, but not to anyone used to the typical carnage of movies these days, or video games, for that matter.  I enjoyed it immensely, and I hope they make the second, and do as good a job.  The author is featured in one of the newsweeklies, as "God's storyteller", because the message behind the books is based in faith and not in selling product.  
Thanks for the snowflake link, also.  It's fun and a ready example of the adage that "no two snowflakes are alike"!  Bruce

cyndygee said...

The snowflake is COOL and I love your simple winter scene!