Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday Patterns..

I am REALLY liking this Friday snow day pattern... having a extra day the last 2 weeks to get things done is so nice. I've been wrapping, cleaning, laundering... yes, it's nice!! The only not so wonderful thing about it is going extra days into the summer. I guess I won't think about that until then. For now, I'll simply enjoy!!
The picture is taken from my kitchen looking across into the livingroom. My winter wonderland is my favorite holiday decoration and it's the first thing I take out every year. In the background is our lovely (and admittedly fake) tree. I never thought I would ever have a fake tree in my life. The girls and I bought it about 3 years ago when their father started working the insane hours that he works...we were unable to make it out as a family anymore to go tree hunting...something I just did NOT want to do without him. It just didn't seem right. So, we caved and bought this tree at Kmart. It's not too bad, and actually, the girls have A LOT of fun with it. They take it out of the box and assemble it all themelves and hang all the ornaments themselves. I do the garland and lights, they take turns every year putting on the angel, and WA LA. It's Christmas time again.

I'm not doing so great in the buying department this year. I waited to long, now time is running out and I have so much to do. Mr. B has a day off on Sunday, so we are planning to go out then. I did a bit of online buying, but half of it doesn't seem to be shipping out and I don't expect it to come before Christmas. Guess maybe I will learn from this...start in August next year!! I mentioned in my other journal: that the real meaning of Christmas would be somehow lost, and I am trying so hard not to let it happen, but I REALLY want the girls to have lots of presents under the that bad? They have both decided to do the pageant at church, and I am thrilled. Mailee may back out at the last minute, something she is notorious for, but Amanda has a nice part as narrator and is singing a duet. The whole family is going, including hubby and the grandparents, so I am looking forward to it. I ADORE our new minister, so I look forward to every Sunday now...

Well, I must be leaving. I have to start dinner...Hope you all are having a safe and peaceful holiday season!!!



inafrnz247 said...

Readers:  Please ignor the link to my "other" journal  LOL  I originally posted this entry in my "OTHER" journal   I was unable to edit this entry for some reason!!!  Michelle

barbpinion said...

I sometimes miss having a real tree too, but with my Johnny's bad health, it's too difficult to pick one. It took awhie to get used to decorating a fake one but as long as I have a real wreath so I can have that awesome CHRISTMAS smell.
Merry Christmas to you & your family.
Love & prayers