Saturday, December 3, 2005

Ready or not...

I haven't taken the time to write lately.  I've had some good days and bad, as we all do.  Today happens to be a good one, so it's time sit back, relax and spice up this journal a bit.

So, it's coming, isn't it?  Always my favorite holiday, through all the stresses and fuss about who is getting what, and wishing I had the money for it all.  I feel the spirit, sitting in my decorated livingroom, with the lights sparkling and the carols in the background, but I know the hustle and bustle will take over and the real meaning will be lost somewhere.  I'm ashamed of that, I must admit.  I encourage my girls to take part in the Christmas pageant.  This year they both were adament that they would NOT be doing it.  That is until a few moments ago, when the director called to offer Amanda a narrator part with a duet!  She agreed, and Mailee decided that she too, might be suitable for a part.  At least that will give them some small perspective.  Amanda is almost 12 and still fully believes.  I wonder if that is just an excuse to ask for every expensive electronic device known to man?  'OH, SANTA will bring it!!'

Yeah...okay, honey......   

We put the tree up today.  Actually, the girls did it all themselves, from the stand to the angel.  We have been putting up a fake tree for the last few years.  It's just more convenient for us, as Ming is always working and I just don't know about going out and tying one to the roof of the car.   I miss having a real one, though, I must say.  I miss the scent of pine lingering in the air.  I light my pine scented candle and that helps.  A little.  Well, no worry on keeping it watered, anyway.

Hope you all are doing well in your lives.  It's time for me to eat popcorn and watch Jimanji with the kiddos now.  Enjoy your December!


barbpinion said...

Hi hon, I've been decorating most of the day. Christmas is my favorite holiday too. I love sitting around in the evening with johnny, talking about all the "good ole days' meaning when our kids were younger, etc. Now we've got grown kids raising their own, except our youngest son, at 31, just told us his wife is pregant. This is their first child so makes it twice as exciting. Happy Holidays.
Love ya

cyndygee said...

Yes, you're right.  As we get closer to the holidays, busier, behinder . . .  it seems like the REAL MEANING of the season can get lost in shopping, mailing, did this one get more than that one???? (grandchildren).

BUT . . .We always go out looking at lights one night close to Christmas with Hunny Bunny's mother.  She is sweet and LOVES it.  She appreciates going so much.  The lights are gorgeous, we play Christmas songs on the radio, and my mother-in-law to be reminds us in her gentle way about the REASON FOR THE SEASON.  

I love her!  Happy Holidays everyone!

onemoretina said...

Hey, Michelle !  I'm with you on the fake tree thing.  I had pneumonia two Christmases in a row, when I lived in Colorado.  The second time I just couldn't bring myself to hang around a Target parking lot in 10 degree weather looking for the perfect specimen.  So..... into the Target I went, and hauled one home in a box, and that was the end of that !  You are right ... the pine spray does the trick.  Tina

cdittric77 said...

It's been stressful here, too! I know how you feel!
With peace and love,