Sunday, April 30, 2006

Weekend's End

Well, we sure had a busy weekend.  I don't think we slowed down from Friday morning until now.  I won't get into it ALL, and bore you to tears, but I will tell you a few things.  Yesterday was Mai's ninth birthday.  She had a slumber party with three of her closest friends.  It went pretty well, with the acception of the drama queen of the group who was back and forth between tears and SCREAMS of laughter.  I forgot about that tidbit of slumber party piece.  It all came back to me, though.  Of course, the girl who was crying was harrassed at school by the "mean girl" who is jealous of everyone and does all she can to cause maximum damage to their little hearts.  Said mean girl to her that if she came to Mai's party that she wouldn't invite her to HER party.  This being after she announced to all the girls in her class that she would be inviting everyone to her party EXCEPT my Mailee... nice girl.  And these are 3rd graders.  Oh yes, same girl who has been harrassing since day one.  I've written of her before.  UGH!  I told my daughter, and the other girls that this was all about her being insecure and having to use power to manipulate others to make herself feel better, and that she would learn in time why it is that she doesn't get invited.  Besides the "my mom said only three" reason.

Okay, enough of that...the party went well over all!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my little one.  I'm so glad you want to stay little.  I'm overjoyed that you chose the Disney CD today instead of some chicky with the black bra and matching panties.  I love that you still want to be a little girl, no matter how annoying your sis thinks you are.  You are my little Mai Mai forever!!

We took a ride today, as the weather was sooo nice here in NH.  I decided to take the girls to a spot that I enjoyed during high school.  A spot that a small circle of friends and I visited after school in the spring and during summers.  Oh, that's putting it nicely.  We partied.  But WHAT memories!  We had so much fun... I didn't get into all that with the girls, but I did say how much I loved it there.  I can't believe I hadn't taken them there before.  We took off our shoes and numbed our toes for a while.  It was so beautiful.  The brook was sparkling in the sun, and babbled on a song along the rocks.  The grass was so green down around the water, and the trees all around us were so enchanting!  I wanted to go exploring, but we all had flipflops on... next time we will definetely wear sneaks, and bring the fishing poles.  And the camera! 

Things are up and down these days.... I try to just be more accepting of things and let it be.  Just as I've always done.  There have been two events in our family that have been heartbreaking and life altering.  Only two.  Some families battle so, so much more.  I often say the same things in this journal.  I guess it's because it has all remained the same for awhile and   I have to learn to thank GOD for that.  The ole' no news is good news saying is a favorite.  I hate to feel like I'm taking things for granted.  So, without wasting another moment here... I'm off to read with my birthday girl.  Good night to all of you.         



libragem007 said...

Happy Belated Bday to Mai (beautiful name, btw)
and have a wonderful week,
Gem :-)

siennastarr said...

I am so glad that Mai had a nice birthday.  Kids have not changed one iota, have they?  You will always have the bully to contend with no matter what.

I love your optimism in times of stress..   I try to keep that kind of attitude too..

May you have a blessed week, Michelle.. you deserve it..


bobbysgirl8584 said...

Happy bday to Mai! glad you all survived the slumber party; and as the mother of two daughters I know all too well the games girls play. It is so sad; girls can be so mean to one another.
& ahhh...New Hampshire! I am getting closer to my vacation there; can't wait!!!
Have a good week Michelle!

trickeytricky said...

Happy a few days late birthday to your little one!

Take Care!

Amanda :)

barbpinion said...

It never fails to amaze me how young children -as low as 2nd graders, can already be so cruel. My daughter, now married with children of her own, was teased unmercifully when in the fourth grade. Happy belated birthday to your little girl.
Have a TERRIFIC day.

cyndygee said...

Geeezzz, I forgot how catty little girls can be!

I enjoyed FORGETTING for awhile . . .  I have all of that ahead of me . . .  as a grandmother.  UGH!

I'm glad you went and spent some quality time with your precious birthday girl.


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

I have gone through two children with over night parties...the girls was as you stated and my son's went great...everyone was great to each other...big difference in parties...Sound like you all had a great time...remember the camera next time...takecare and have a great day...TerryAnn

cdittric77 said...

That's a great entry, Michelle. Thanks for sharing your family with us and the J-Land community.

Although, you know that a time is going to come when mai mai wants to wear the black bra and panties :).

I'm just teasing. Take that time to read now - it's so good that you do!

Peace and love,