Monday, April 25, 2005

nothing inparticular

ok...I have changed the look a little bit in here.  I know, I know- a bit extreme.  But hey, a little extreme is fun sometimes, right?  I have to make this quick - I have to help M dry her EXTREMELY long hair.  She can almost sit on it!  Just wanted to drop in on you all and do a little spring touch up. 

I had a nice week off from school with the girls.  One of the very many pros of working in school - having time off together.  It is definetely an added bonus!  I had some nice one on one time with my miss A (preteen mentioned in previous entry).  I took her shopping for her first razor and shaving gel and I taught her how to shave properly (although, it's been a while since I've actually DONE this, it was a little blurry lol JK).  She has been asking for a while.  Then she helped me cook dinner and with other chores!  She said it was fun doing these things - maybe now she will be into helping me more often.  It's nice to have times like those.  She seems happier lately, which is always a plus. 

Well, my neighbor just came over to talk for a few, so now I really have to run!  It's past M's bedtime and we still have to dry that HAIR!!  Night!


jbenjack said...

colors aren't too bad! looks good!!

hillareeday said...

Hey! I like what you have done to the place. Glad you had fun with your girls.