Friday, April 8, 2005

Well, this is going to be a pretty uneventful entry.  This week we were all healthy for once.  Until today that is.  My sinuses are not doing well.  Anyway, I'm not complaining...yet!  The girls are getting really busy.  M is practicing with me for t ball and A is already starting softball.  I am not going to like missing games if they both have one on the same night.  I guess anyone with more than one kid has to juggle schedules.  I told A that I will have to be there for her sister because A has done team sports before and this is M's first time and she is 3 years younger.  A will have to get a ride from a friend.  Still, I will really feel like I'm missing something....(and I will be)  Probably her first homerun or something!  These are the times when I really hate my husbands hours at work.  He misses sooo much. 

Not much is really going on these days.  Oh!  We just booked a trip to Disney.  I may have talked about that before...I have a bad memory.  The kids are very excited.  Now if we can only save enough money to have some fun while we are there.  We will stay at the Disney All Star Movies resort.  If any of you reading this have been there and have some vacationing advice, please give!!  I've been to Disneyworld - once as a  kid and once as a young adult, but the kids have been asking to go for years.  We DID take them to Disneyland when they  were 2 and 5 while we were visiting my inlaws in LA, but that was a disaster.  It was a battle just to get someone to take us who knew where to go, and we didn't leave their house until like 10:00 am and then we got lost and didn't even get there until 1:00 and THEN M was sick and throwing up (sorry) the entire time!!  That was NOT fun....

Well, M wants popcorn with her movie, so I will go make some and settle in with her.  A is spending her evening alone in her room....This age (11) is very interesting...  Night!


jbenjack said...

We went to Disney last year, I had never been-not a big fan actually. I have learned as I get oder I hate those kinds of places. Too many people and too much to choose from. But the kids love it and it is all about them right? Good luck!

justaname4me2 said...

I haven't been to Disneyland in soooo many years. Never to Disneyworld. My kids go every summer though with Grandparents <their dads parents> that live down there. So someday I would like to take my girls, I'm just afraid it won't be as exciting, since it's old hat to them