Monday, November 27, 2006

It Has Arrived!

::doing a happy dance::

Twas the day after ugly, when what should appear ~  but a Traveling Necklace to wear and hold dear!   :-)

I posted about The Traveling Necklace a while ago, but will explain it again briefly for those who haven't heard:

The Traveling Necklace was made by Angie, a friend and fellow journaler many of you know.  She created this stunningly beautiful piece as a way to bind together new friends in a unique and memorable experience (I WILL post pics soon)!  Worn for the first week by Angie, who also included a journal for sharing the days while wearing the necklace, who then passed it on to the next woman in line.  It began it's journey in August, so you can understand how far it's come and perhaps also understand how it feels for me to be wearing it now.  Some may think it's silly.  My husband laughed  (I wasn't expecting much more from him, anyway). 

I am so thrilled that this magical piece of jewelry has arrived!  I have been waiting anxiously, knowing that I would be the last... Knowing that so many other wonderful ladies wore it before me and felt it's magic and left their mark on it forever.  I spent a great deal of time this evening reading the words left by all these wonderful women.  Many of them going through very difficult times for many different reasons.  Some were afraid of leaving their "bad Karma" on the necklace.  I only smiled at these words, knowing that that is exactly what this experience represents.  Nothing bad... only life.  The journey.  The many ups and downs and often devastating events of life... all rolled into one.  One necklace.  One heart.  And isn't it wonderful to know that there are people who care?  Who feel and experience so many of the same 'ups and downs'?  It is rather comforting to me.  Just as it is comforting to me to read all of the journals of so many of you that I have come to know and love.  I feel as much a part of your lives as those who stand beside me.  And I have zero qualms about saying so. 

So, good or bad luck ~ what will it hold for me?  I DID drop a piece of blueberry pie on my new beige pants while wearing it this evening, but HEY, blueberry pie is my favorite, so I am feeling pretty lucky anyway. 

I always knew I liked Mondays.




pippa1116 said...

that necklace IS special, isn't it? I got it right after Lisa Jo. and I felt the strength of those who wore it before me.  it just FEELS special!


tina pipp

lanurseprn said...

You will probably have a wonderful week because of the energy it possesses.  Where does it go now?

a2002v2002 said...

Awwwwww Nice entry:) Ann

mariebm56 said...

Cute idea, cute it!!
Good thing it's not pants..uggggggg

; )

queeniemart said...

oh how wonderful that you are the last to wear fitting. I was having the worst worst week and barely wrote at all but i wore it even though i was scared my crappy life would rub off on it. Ang really did a wonderful thing by allowing each of us to have a week with this treasure!!
Enjoy my friend,

siennastarr said...

Lucky, all of you that got to wear the necklace! :)  I'm sure it is and will be very memorable!  Looking forward to the pictures!