Monday, November 20, 2006

Looking Back, Looking Ahead..

In less than an hour, I will be another year older...

Am I bothered?  Nah.  I still have a few good years left, right?  Heck, from what I've been told the best years have yet to come.  Do I miss my youth?  Yes, and no.  Does it bother me when my mom, bless her hairstylin' heart, tells me that I am getting grays?  Well, YEAH!   I was looking closely at my skin the other day.  I have these fancy new contacts made especially for astigmatism and let me tell ya, I could've done without them.  Never feeling very attractive in my youth, I was pleased only by my complexion ~ I never had pimples.  Never.  Okay, maybe one.  But that was what I heard all the time.

"Michelle, your skin is so soft and silky!"

Dang those contacts.  Reminds me of an Aerosmith song...  You know the one. 

Okay, enough self deprecation here...

I really am more than fine with it.  Sure, I joke around with people and pretend to agonize over another year added on, but I truly enjoy getting a bit older and wiser.  I see things SO much more clearly now than I did say, ten or fifteen years ago.  Even when I am down, really down, I understand why.  I know that there are choices, and that I have courage and strength that I didn't have (or didn't yet realize I had) back then.  I feel that I have a lot more respect from my colleagues now than I did when I started 8 years ago.  I know that life is short, and I appreciate it so much more.

So... Looking ahead, I know that there will be ups and downs, as there always are.  What I know now ~ that I didn't know then ~ is that I can embrace those moments.  I can learn from them.  I can grow.  Even older.  And smile all the while. 

I am so thankful for all the gifts in my life.  I plan to remain thankful, take nothing for granted, and smile just a little more often this year. 

A special thank you must be given to my sweet friend, Lisa Jo, who sent me a beautiful birthday card in the mail.  WHAT A NICE, UNEXPECTED SURPRISE!  Thank you, for warming my heart and brightening my day!  I truly am blessed!! 

Wishing you all a week full of smiles and reasons for thankful prayers.




lanurseprn said...

Happy Birthday to you!!  We're not getting older....just better!  

dklars said...

Happy Birthday!

bobbysgirl8584 said...

Happy Bday to you
Happy Bday to you
Happy bday dear Michelle
Happy Bday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a wonderful day......& a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

radar446 said...

Happy Birthday to you!!  I think we look at birthdays much in the same manner.  Getting older doesn't really bother me at all.  I actually kind of like it.  I've always been more mature than my age, so the way I see it, I'm growing into my personality.  I hope you have a wonderful day!


redsneakz said...

I'm often asked if I'd want to go back to being a teenager.  "Never" is my constant reply.


siennastarr said...

You're still a baby... at least to me! lol  

Have a great Birthday, Michelle!!


mariebm56 said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!!
Enjoy your day~