Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Extra CHALLENGE-Self Portrait


Extra CHALLENGE-Self Portrait

Extra CHALLENGE in addition to Friday's challenge

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This challenge starts today & can be posted all this week thru the weekend.  No rules, anything goes.  Must  be a self portrait : a portrait of oneself done by oneself
You can use Photoshop or any editing program, be creative....
Have fun & show your true self...Ü
Leave only a link to your entry here in the comment area.

Only one category on this challenge.
There will be no judging.

So get your tripods out & use your timer.....& say CHEEEEEEEEEEESE!
(or just stick your arm out, aim it your way & snap...Ü)

                         "Partially hidden"

Original photo (which i don't particularly like, and did not use flash):


radar446 said...

This is really cool.  Love the expression, love the presentation, just a bit confused by the gang sign you are throwing :),


nhd106 said...

Greg's comment really cracked me up!  
'Sup dude?

nhd106 said...

Oh Chelle...I SO love this!   I've been playing around w/ my camera myself over here.   I just love the expression you captured ...and how you're peeking you're slowly exposing allowing others to get to know you better.

Beautiful...the photo, and you.

Much love,

peytonswater said...


sunflowerkat321 said...

Wonderful!!  I love the image and your expression....and I love the effect.  Nice work!

mariebm56 said...

Very very cool, Chelle.
You did a great job, the pose, slightly hidden, & cool frame.
Thanks for playing~
You forgot to leave a link on the challenge Journal.(I think)

mariebm56 said...

PS....I agree with Nancy who agreed with Greg....LOL

rbrown6172 said...

very good.

cmishvicki said...

Michelle, this is a great everything about it!

jimsulliv3 said...

Can I use my cell phone camera?


geminiwilder said...

hehe gang sign, greg is funny!

GREAT photo, Chelle!!
I took a bunch once of myself that I really liked, too. It is fun experimenting
that way & seeing YOURSELF in different ways, isn't it?
Sometime I'll show you mine!

xo Phin

ma24179 said...

Great job. It's so cool to see faces behind these journals. I like this challenge. -Missy

madcobug said...

Very good! Helen

lanurseprn said...

Very creatively done! I like it a lot.

queeniemart said...

i like both pics. YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL.

XO lj

brendaspears97 said...

pic-a-boo! good pics.


rdautumnsage said...

Beautiful! It's an ode in itself....How much of us do we keep hidden from the rest of the world! Me? I see the spirit for the beauty it brings forth in you! (Hugs) Indigo

pharmolo said...

Congratulations on being Guest Editor's pick this week!


topazscorpio27 said...

Congrats on being a guest editor's pick!  -Dawn-

lifes2odd said...

Great shot! I love the "partially hidden" -- Greg just cracked me up about the gang sign! Martha :-)

radar446 said...

Oh I remember, you're part of the "modified" Westside gang.


gaboatman said...

Its amazing what you were able to do with the darker original.  Great work, I really like it!

dontyouwant2no said...

You look pretty I like the light clolored one

mosaicmonarch said...

I's natural, so many look posed.  :D