Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Reflections

(First attempt.... without the tripod!)


I'm not even sure I had ever seen a lunar eclipse before last night.  Sad, but true...  I certainly had never tried to photograph one before!  They are quite a vision to behold, aren't they?  Thank you Nancy, for letting me know at the precise moment that it was even happening!  I honestly had no idea.  My mind has been a bit preoccupied lately.  I think a raging storm could blow through here and I'd barely notice.

I wasn't even planning on trying to take any pics, but once my daughters and I flew out the door and saw the moon's brilliant amber glow, I knew I had to attempt it somehow.

I ran back into the house and grabbed my camera, zoomed back out without a logical thought in my brain and tried a couple shots in auto focus.  THAT obviously wasn't going to work.  Plus, trying to hold my camera still enough to keep the moon in view was pointless.  I ran back into the house yet again and all but stumbled down the stairs to my laundry room where I store my tripod.  By now my kids were already bored and back in front of the T.V.  ::eye roll::, but not me!  I grabbed my tripod and ran back outside into the freezing cold.

So, I think I've used my camera in manual focus twice in my life.  I have NO IDEA what I am doing in there...  I flubbed around with the numbers, overlooking the ISO settings altogether ::ducking to avoid Greg's swat:: and tried to twist my camera onto my tripod so fast that I got the strap all wrapped up in it and that of course made it even more wobbly...  But TIME WAS RUNNING OUT!!  ;o)

::sigh::  What's done is done.  I have really enjoyed seeing the eclipse through the eyes of so many here.  I wasn't happy at all with my photos (see above to know why), but I think if I posted them small enough, the flaws were not quite so obvious in my previous entry HERE!  I'm glad I at least made an attempt at it, which surprised me.

Winter Break is almost over.  I'm not ready to go back to reality.  I'd think I'd rather be on the moon.





madcobug said...

I had a couple of double and triple exposures myself LOL. Thats when I ran to get my tripod. Afer deleting my pics by mistake I just leaned my camera up against a post to focus on the ones I did get. Scared a bird out of its box in the meantime. Helen

nanmm11 said...

Well you may have not gotten the pics you wanted,but I think you've got an interesting abstract going on here.Nice "not going for shot",lol

ma24179 said...

I'm just mad because I missed it lol! -Missy

radar446 said...

You know what???? I really like the picture that you posted here.  No, I mean really like it.  Sure it looks like you were in the middle of an earthquake when you pressed the shutter, you can't really make out what it is unless you know what you are looking at.  HOWEVER, when I look at this, I see a very strong man in a pose like he is getting ready to launch a bowling ball.  The forearm is in the left of the frame, leading to the very large bicep, which turns into a muscular chest and thin abdomen.  The head is cut off and from the waist down is missing.  What you have created here is an abstract piece of art which represents something completely different than the subject you were trying to capture.  If you only knew how many phogographers try to get an image like this and fail.

Michelle, you did wonderfully on this.  Now quit ducking, I want to give you a pat on the back!


katerh99 said...

Oh, Greg. Really! It's unquestionably a sonogram of twins with their cute little behinds for all the world to see!

rbrown6172 said...

i just read greg's entry about your photo...and it made me stop and think...and i agree with him.  i think it's pretty cool...tho it's plain to see it's a man's knee with his fist resting above it.  lol  i'm glad you shot the moon and saw your first lunar eclipse.  it was too cloudy here, so i'll hafta wait a few years to try and capture a lunar eclipse now.

nhd106 said...

What a cool shot...kinda "blobby".  But in a GOOD way.  
You're very welcome.  I'm just glad you weren't angry that I bolted to check it out.

Love you....

rdautumnsage said...

Someone else had a wobbly lunar eclipse as well and named it the Red Moon Waltz. I can't help but see this as pure beauty when I apply that phrase to it....(Hugs) Indigo

lanurseprn said...

I think it's cool that you saw it and made such an effort to get a photo of it.
Thanks for sharing it.

helmswondermom said...

I like the photo.  My daughter and I went out and watched it for awhile.  

queeniemart said...

i think anything you do is awesome so i love the photo.
LOVE, lj

lifes2odd said...

Your photos in the previous entry look great, but I agree with Greg, I love this one! Martha :-)

gdireneoe said...

Hehehehehe...sorry. really...sorry.  It's just that...I keep...oh gosh...I'm literally giggling here Girlie...the visual...'cause it's what I woulda' done...bored kiddies and all. ;)  C.