Sunday, May 28, 2006

A "Sunny" Disposition

The sun.... oh how nice to see the sun.  To feel it warming my skin, even a bit too much just so the warmth will last a little longer.  I took the girls out to buy them new bathing suits, as our pool has opened up and they needed them.  Bless their hearts, they even talked me into buying one for myself.... even dragged me around, wanting to find just the right style and color for me.  They know I very rarely spend money on myself.  It will wait until there are holes in something before I purchase it new.  I even get much of my wardrobe at our local thrift shop.  It's just always been more important to me to make sure they have what they need, or want.  My needs are always last ~ and don't get me wrong, that's the way I want it.  But today they thought of me and that pleased me, so I humored them a bit and let them chose the styles to try on.  I have to admit, I'm doing a bit of a happy dance today, because usually trying on anything is very upsetting to me due to the adding on of pounds throughout the years.  But yesterday I was daring enough to step on the scale because I had been recieving comments from people lately about my weightloss.  Starting from my highest, probably going back a year and a half, I discovered I had lost a total of about 30 pounds.  I was stuck in the same spot for about 6 months, so I didn't think anything had changed.  Much to my surprise.... ;o)  Anyway, I tried on suits 2 sizes smaller than usual, and they fit.  This is a welcome addition to my spring, believe me.  Not really sure why I am sharing this, but it's a big step for me, and it makes me happy, so I feel like writing about it.  I've written before, and have since deleted, about my compulsive eating issues.  It stems back to childhood, and I have struggled with it ever since.  I suppose it may be part of the "other" addiction that seems to run in my family, the one I try to steer clear of.  It's more of an emotional thing than anything else, which I realize is also what drives any addiction.  I'm trying to live by the idea that anything in moderation is okay... journaling also helps, and keeping busy.  Which is why the sun is so welcoming to me right now.  It gets me out and the girls are also happier to be spending time together doing something meaningful.  It's been harder on them lately, especially Mailee, that they don't have their father home for them to spend time with.  It's much harder for me to watch them go through that than any sadness I might be feeling.  So being able to spend time outdoors is beneficial to all three of us.  The rain, while it lasted WAY too long for my liking, did create a beautiful surrounding of bright green plant life.  Between that, the sun, the gentle New England wind and the lifeloving splashes of swimming children, it's no wonder we were out there for hours.  Thank goodness, mom bought me an aloe plant for easter...

Kids are beckoning me to start tacos.  I better get a move on!

Hoping everyone is having an enjoyable weekend!




cherry2sweet2eat said...

i wanted the sun to come now i want it to go away its been hot.

helmswondermom said...

I do the same thing --  wait until something is worn out to replace it; and I buy a lot of things at thrift stores!  Congrats on the weight loss -- that sure makes trying on clothes a lot more fun.  I've been enjoying the sun, too!

am4039 said...

it got hot here in IL. So good of you that you lost 30 pounds and didn't even know it. That's the best. Have a great day.

siennastarr said...

I think it's wonderful that you humored the girls, and bought yourself a bathing suit!  AND.. to top it was 2 sizes smaller!  Now, that's definitely something to be doing the happy dance about! :)

I hope you and the girls had a wonderful time at the pool!!


cdittric77 said...

Congrats on your weight loss! It's a struggle for all of us, at least it is for me, so I know that it is something to celebrate!


akasamdodsworth said...

What lovely images you paint - of sun and breeze and moments shared with your girls.  Moments that will last in all your memories long after the swimsuits are relegated to the back of the closet for good and through many more sunburns over many years!

May the sun continue to shine in your days and in your life.