Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Power of Small Voices


It had started out as a beautiful day, with the sun shining incredibly bright through my bedroom window, calling me from a deep, dreamy sleep... There was much to be done, and it was energizing to see the sunshine again for the first morning in weeks. 

Every year our church's junior choir director takes her young voices to a festival in Vermont.  Amanda is in the choir and Mailee is anxiously waiting for next year when she is old enough to join.  My Cherub choir is too EASY for her, she declares.  The festival was today and it was amazing.  Six different choirs from around New England grouped together to engage us in an hour of power.  The power of many little voices singing gentle songs about love, nature (one was about a tree, and I actually choked up!), and of course God's will in our lives.  There is no other sound like the soft, heartfelt voices of children blending together to create magic in the air.  It was a beautiful event, loved by all...

The pictures I posted are of some Vermont scenery... Amanda insisited on capturing the mountains and clouds as the sun (did I say there was SUN??)  slowly drifted out of sight, allowing the sky to darken and grey... rain soon followed and continued throughout the day until the concert began.  The warm glow of the evening sun, setting through the windows as they sang their angel songs was simply perfect.  There is also a picture of only part of the choir while they practiced... we were not allowed to photograph during the concert until the end when they performed one last hymn.  At that point I video taped without thinking ~ I would have loved to have shared with you a picture of how great in size this group was.  You could then imagine what their voices must have sound like.  It reminded me of "The Sound of Music" movie!

Hopeyou all had a safe and relaxing weekend!



sassydee50 said...

Dear Michelle, NTMY via Cyndee! That choir of lil angels sounds like it was precious! I shall return! Blessings, SassyDeb ;-)

siennastarr said...


There is something about the voices of children in song, that just send a chill up my spine and brings a tear to my eye.  I'm sure the concert was absolutely beautiful, and God shone his light on them all as they sang his praises!  I wish I could have seen that!!

BTW... in the (I believe) 2nd picture you posted.. I swear the clouds look like an angel is residing amongst them.  Of course, could be just my imagination.. I've been know to have a big one! :)


inafrnz247 said...

   I must admit, I had not looked at any of these photos in their original size until today.  I have to thank you for pointing this out to me.  I am completely awe struck.  If by chance anyone else happens upon this entry and feels at all compelled to see this "angel in the clouds", please click on photo number too and observe.... wow.   Michelle