Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mothers and Memories

Rain, rain, and more rain... and it won't be letting up anytime soon.  We just got home a short while ago from visiting Gramps again.  Nana was finally laid to rest a couple weeks ago, and mom was appreciating that we all (the girls and I) planned to be there for Mother's Day weekend to bring flowers to the cemetery.  We had to make it a day trip.  My little Cherubs are singing next Sunday in church, so I have tomorrow to get them ready. 

We spent the rainy day driving mostly, but while we were there, we all did some major reminiscing.  Talk is good.  Pictures are harder.  For me anyway.  Even mom likes looking at pictures, but for me ~ it brings an instant welling up in my throat.  I am so fortunate to have been born into such a loving, close-nit family.  Of course, there are some family members who do not value such a blessing, but that's their loss...

So, thinking of my mom, I will share this... she is so, so special.  Not only to me, but to so many people.  I think of how much pain is in the world and shudder to imagine that kind of up bringing.  I don't think my mom ever spanked me.  I do recall a threat or two, but it never amounted to anything.  I'll share something else, too.  I wet the bed every night until I was 9 or 10.  She NEVER ONCE got angry... she would either say nothing, and throw the bedding in the wash or simply say,"it's okay" and that would be it.  She read me stories every night, and even read aloud to me as I got older and would be behind in a book project in school.  She sang, "You Are My Sunshine"... I also suffered from night terrors and she was always there, sometimes even allowed me to sleep on the floor in their room.  She played games with me, played outside with me, and spoiled me rotten. 

As I got older, my father and I butted heads on pretty much a daily basis.  To this day, we have to be careful in conversation because a simple sentence can bring out a HUGE argument.  Mom, bless her, is so good at walking away.  I, on the other hand, have always been as stubborn as him and as outspoken.  Being a teen SUCKED for me, and while dad tried to "change" me and fight me into being "good", mom would always be there as a support system, encouraging me and always saying that in the end, if I was happy, that's all that mattered.  I was unhappy most of the time back then, but just knowing how much she loved me (even when I thought I loved no one) kept me from doing some pretty awful things.  She would even encourage my "small town, big fashion" statements and REALLY piss my father off!!  When all was going crazy, she would find a way to make me feel alright again.  She still does to this day.  When I became pregnant with my first daughter, I was 24, unmarried, waitressing and unsure of the future with Mr B, and she was beside me all the way.  Sure she was disappointed maybe, she wanted me to have it all, of course, but she knew I would be alright and take care of my baby.  When we got married, she knew what was going on in my mind, and she was always saying that no matter what that she loved me and would always be there for me.

And I will always be there for you, mom... I know you are  missing your mom today, tomorrow, and always.  Someday, we will all dance together in the light of heaven's stars.  WHAT FUN WE WILL HAVE!!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there.... make it your day!  ENJOY!!


cherry2sweet2eat said...

Your mom sounds exactly how a mom should be.

hillareeday said...

What a nice entry! Happy Mother's Day to you too!

redsneakz said...

You, like I, are extraordinarily lucky in your mother.

siennastarr said...

What a beautiful, heartfelt tribut to your mother..

Happy Mothers Day to you, too!


akasamdodsworth said...

Your mom is both a blessing to you and is blessed by you.  She raised her daughter to be a woman of grace and the possesor of a kind heart - and her legacy lives in the wonderful mom you have become as well.  Happy Mother's Day to you both!


helmswondermom said...

Your Mom sounds wonderful.