Saturday, May 20, 2006

Weekend Mutterings...

First of all, I must say a huge "THANK YOU!" to Cyndy for believing my journal to be feature-worthy material!!  I'm looking forward to linking with some other journalers and non journalers and creating new friendships.  I've been blessed with some truly caring individuals in this Jworld and I am forever grateful!  If you are here for the first time...


I've been spending much of my morning doing some major hauling out.  The condominium association has decided to do some major work installing some kind of new water pumping system (it made me dizzy just reading about it, to explain it would give me a migrane) so we have to move all our basement furniture six feet away from the back wall so they can pound out the bottom half of the wall.  My daughter's bedroom is down there, so this is a huge interuption for her, but it's manageable.  The problem is now to move some of the furniture out of the way, I have to clean out the storage area where my laundry room is on the other side of the basement... ohmagosh.  What a MESS.  The only good part about this is that once it's done I will be so happy to have it looking better down in that area.  It really needs some work, and I might actually like doing laundry down there if the atmosphere was a bit more relaxing and not such an eyesore. 

Well, I went back to work yesterday after being out 3 days this week.  I thought for sure that I was in trouble or had missed something major when our principal called me in to her office first thing in the morning. 

It seems that there are some changes coming up for next year.  A new position has been offered to me.  I have worked one on one with students for 7 years, and this would be taking me to a new level.  I've been asked to partner teach with a third grade teacher.  I have the weekend to decide, and I'm thinking that yes, it would be a good experience for me, if anything.  I wouldn't say that this particular teacher is a perfect match for me.  She is not the warm-fuzzy type, which I am.  She is a bit abrupt in her manner, which I will surely have to work on not taking personally.  (Something I'm not very good at.. I take EVERYTHING personally!)  What I'm thinking is that I could sure add some positives to the classroom.  I've been in a second grade classroom for the mornings this year, and I will know most of the kids very well.  I'm fun loving in a classroom enviornment and I think I could provide a bit of "warmth" to the atmosphere.  It will be very different for me, as I am always SO focused on my one on ones that being part of a whole instead of a piece will surely add something good to my work day.  I will have a different type of responsibility.  I will be doing more group teaching, which is always fun.  I'm quite sure I'm going to take this position for next year.  Looking forward to it, actually.

So this is more of a personal entry... If you visit often, you'll find a mix of writings here.  A little poetry sometimes, a personal story, or a reflection such as the last entry on TIME.  I may vent.  I may celebrate.  I may simple be. 

Thanks for stopping by and all your great comments!!




stormie4851 said...

I have worked with "abrupt" people, I am sort of like that myself.  They really are nice people with a more reserved personality.  You are pursuing the right thoughts about not taking it personally, good luck to you...................Stormie

am4039 said...

Hello, I am new to your journal and will keep reading it. Sounds great. I think the position sounds like a great opportunity. Good luck.

shelt28 said...

Congrats on being an Editor's Pick


sugarsweet056 said...

Congrats on being a Guest Editor Pick, my first visit here. Come see me sometime.

debbiewebb4465 said...

Congratulations on being picked ~ I'm your fellow pickee lol......nice to meet you!! I have put you on my alerts so will be back! Great entry and good luck on the job decision!
hugs Debbie ~xxx~

siennastarr said...

Congratulations Michelle!  It's about darn time someone gave you the kudos you deserve!  I love your journal, and I feel so honored to be a part of your life here in JLand!!



lavindergr said...

I will be looking forward to reading some of your past entries.  You sound like a sort of soul mate.  Keep up the food work, and good luck on your new job.

bobbysgirl8584 said...

CONGRATS Michelle!
and as for the job; I say go for it! the students will be lucky to have you; and maybe the teacher can learn a thing or two from YOU!! good luck with the decision but I think it is a great opportunity for you . keep us posted on what you decide.

onemoretina said...

Congrats, Michelle, on being featured in Cyndy's journal, and  for this new job offer.  Good for you ! What an exciting and wonderful opportunity, and a chance to shine.  It sounds as though you are just what this other teacher needs to balance out the classroom.  I am hoping that this is just what you are looking for.  Good luck to you, my friend  ....    Tina  
p.s. .... I'm so glad to be back and visiting your journal !

cdittric77 said...

Congrats on being a pick! You SOSOSOSOSO deserve it. YOu're amazing! :)


redsneakz said...

How interesting that your last entry was entitled "It's about time!"

Well, it's about time! Congrats!


bobandkate said...

I am a new visitor, thanks to Cyndee's editor picks. She chose well. Interesting journal. I hope you like your new job, and good luck with it. Feel free to visit my journal some time. It is not as colourful as yours, but it does address a range of topics,

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

congrats on being chosen as one of this weeks guest editors picks...I really enjoy reading your journal...hugs, TerryAnn