Tuesday, May 16, 2006


This entry is for a friend.  Angie, (aka hillareeday) has embarked on an adventure!!  She is also fellow educator (3rd grade teacher) and my very first online friend from way back when I first started reading journals.  She is upbeat, fun and enthusiastic about this business she is starting as a consultant for BeautiControl.  Just this week, Angie mailed me samples of some of her products, and I see a huge difference already in my skin.  My hands (which are always dry, even though I put lotion on them almost every day) are SO soft after using these products!  The scents are yummy (and don't we all want to be yummy?) and a little goes such a long way!!  A dab'll do ya!!

So check her out, at her own personal journal >>  http://journals.aol.com/hillareeday/Serendipity    and enjoy learning more about her products at her new journal promoting them at:  SkinLogics 

I hope these links work, because I'm still learning about them and have NO IDEA what I'm doing (sorry ANG!!)



hillareeday said...

Thanks, Michelle! I am glad you liked everything. If anyone is interested in some free samples, feel free to email me!


bpcorn48 said...

thanks, just came across your journal from someone else, and glad to fine someone from NH........ :o)  DIANE

trickeytricky said...

Oh ah . . . yes we all love to be yummy!! I will have to go check her out, thanks for the link!

Amanda :)

littlelady1699 said...

Just Dropping in to say  "HOWDY"  ......HOWDY.....hope allis going good for you!


bullisoan said...

Wow thats a great journal entry.   Check out mines.