Tuesday, May 23, 2006



Ever since I was a little girl, I would often dream that I was flying.  If you yourself have ever dreamt of flying, and it was pleasant, you understand the euphoric feeling when you first awaken, and you almost, for just a moment, believe it to be.  Of course if you are FALLING, rather than flying free, it doesn't have the same effect.  But falling is another entry... 

Last night was the first flying dream I've had in quite a while.  My dreams are usually pleasant, but ever since my girls and I were in a roll over accident a couple years ago, I have weekly recurring dreams of very vivid and violent crashes.  So last night was a welcome change.  I was flying overhead, (yet not TOO high, thank you, as I'm quite terrified of heights) in a simple state of peace and joy. Pure contentment.  I could feel the air, thick and strong underneath, carrying me... my arms were outstretched and the wind was blowing my hair wildly.  I had faith that I would not fall, and seemed quite overwhelmed with acceptance and appreciation as to where I was going.  When I awoke, I knew I could fly.  Sounds crazy, but without a doubt, it helped me to understand.  I understood that in the grand scheme of things, it will be alright.  That I can get through this "moment" because there is a wonderful something waiting for me when it's over.  A gift, of sorts, when the flight of life, this short, short journey (another "time" reference) of life, is through.  When we find our way home, at last we will have our reasons.  We will have our understandings of all the "why's" and "how's" that we don't understand now. 

And that's my take on the "flying" dream.

For now, I'll simply float beside you ~ and wait.



cherry2sweet2eat said...

I remember i fell asleep once and it felt like i was floating i woke up because the feeling got intense when i woke up i almost fell outta my chair it was scary and weird but a sweet feeling at the same time..

am4039 said...

I like your take on the dream.

mlrhjeh said...

I love your graphics!!!!

Enjoyed reading your entries and I think you are a great writer!

I will be back to visit.

Mary Louise


hunybea4him said...

I often think of how it is going to feel to be changed in a twinkle of an eye and called up, flying over cities and land scapes and over the ocean threw the clouds.

*humming that old song "I'll Fly away"  " )

Much Love,

siennastarr said...

I have never had the pleasure of dreaming that I was flying!  Falling, yes.. flying no!  I haven't had a dream of falling for years, probably because I don't have the stress in my life, I used to have.  My dreams are usually fairly pleasant.. although nothing worth bothering to remember.  Kind of like my life...


akasamdodsworth said...

May you always soar Michelle.


cyndygee said...

This is beautiful.  Your journal and the graphix become more interesting and your understanding and faith is more and more glorious.

You inspire me.  

I long to FLY!!!