Sunday, March 13, 2005

counting my blessings

You know, it's amazing how one moment I was feeling sorry for myself and hating the snow and then wham!  I stepped outside late last night after chatting for like an hour and the trees were so piled high with heavy snow.  It was the most beautiful snowfall we've had this year.  I felt so peaceful just looking at it! 

It's amazing how one moment can just change your whole mood. 

So, the girls and I got up and went to church, said our prayers, our thank yous and smiled with our friends and I feel so much better today.  We came home and made a HUGE snowman and then Jack took them out back and made a really cool fort.   Then the girls took turns going with Dad to the store and this evening we went out to dinner at a chinese buffet.  It was really nice having him home.  He will be off until Thursday, so it will be good for all of us.  The girls really miss him.  I think that is the hardest thing for me is seeing them sad that he's not around.  I feel like it's my fault that they never see him until rare moments like this when he has time off.  He won't be off again until the middle of next month.  So, I guess when I feel like we have nothing to say it's because I feel so disconnected to him sometimes.  And then there is the language barrier, which isn't really that big, but at times it feels like it is when I have to explain the simplest thing.  Well, it's been 12 years so I think I should be used to it!  I am lucky to have such a dependable and hard working husband.

Back to work tomorrow.  I hope that it's nice and sunny again like it was today so that we can all get outside at recess time!  I hope they never do away with recess.  We all need it!!                                

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