Monday, March 28, 2005

Just Another Manic Monday

WELL!  I haven't had the chance to write for awhile.  I've been taking the time to read other journals, browse, and chat....Boy, some of those chat rooms...but I have found a nice, personable room with a group of regulars that I like to chat with, so that's fun sometimes.

Mai was sick until SATURDAY!  Sunday was better for Easter, thank goodness, but I didn't dare bring her to church with Mandy and me.  She still had a cough and no one would want to be near her!  It's so hard to see them sick like that!  She stayed home with dad, who finally decided to get up and grace the livingroom couch with his presence.  This being after the girls had their baskets and egg hunt, that is...Well, that's another entry.

We had a delayed opening for school today - that was a surprise!  Freezing rain...Our whole playground was flooded big time.  A lot of our neighbors here at the condos had their basements flooded, but we lucked out on that one.  I can not believe there was another earthquake in Indonesea.  I have always been a firm believer in that everything happens for a reason, but some things I can't understand.  Like that, harm to children, poverty, you know.....I guess there are some things we just are not meant to understand.

Well, I haven't much to say today, just thought I would add my thoughts...a lot going on in the news, Terri, Michael(doesn't even deserve to have his name in my journal), all the bad stuff...Our good news - Mai is finally feeling herself, Mandy is a happy preteen (half the time, which I think is a good fraction) and I have a new work schedule that is keeping me on my toes.  I like the uneventful... Soon both girls will be doing spring sports (adding to their already crazy life!) and that will hopefully be the extent of my news.

Hope all had a nice Easter/weekend!! 

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