Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Home again....

Weds. evening and my younger daughter got over her fever just in time for her older sister to get it.  She got up this morning and said she felt dizzy.  Here I was getting us all ready to go and I tell her to eat and she'll feel better.  Nice, huh?  Her school called my school at 8:20 and out the door I went.  I feel awful for my 1:1 student that really depends on me to get through his day, but my family comes first of course.  I was out 3 days last week.  I thought the secretary was going to have my head.  It's very hard to find a sub at the last minute.  That's mommyhood for ya!  I'm where I would want to be if my baby is sick.  (OK, she's 11, but she'll always be my first baby!)

It was sooo beautiful outside today.  I sat outside on my back porch and I soaked up the sun for a few.  SOOO nice to feel sun on my face.  Gives that renewed feeling.  I hope the girls are both healthy soon so we can enjoy it together.   G'night!

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jbenjack said...

Ditto on the beautiful day! Bring it on!!