Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Well, this has been a short work week for me.  I've been home for 2 days with Mai.  She's got a temp and aches in her head and stomach.  She may be ready to go back to school tomorrow - although this morning she still had 101.6 fever.  She is up and around, playing games and eating well, so...I guess we'll wait and see.  I do love being home though, as much as I love my job at school.  I was home with both my girls until they were toddlers.  Financially, it was hard, but the benefits outweigh the negatives.  I miss being home sometimes- I love homemaking- but I really wouldn't want to stop doing what I am doing.  I love the rewards of working with challenged students and seeing them overcome those challenges to learn to read, write, etc.  I also have the LUXURY of having summers off and the same schedule as my kids throughout their school year.  They are also sooo supportive of family issues like illnesses and personal issues.  Also, if I am stressed out- maybe a student is noncompliant all day or I feel like I can't do anything right that day, I have a great support system in my coworkers. 

Well, this is short...My sweetie is hungry for lunch - a good sign!  Later!


hillareeday said...

Sorry to hear your daughter is sick! I wish sometimes that I could stay home too. When I have kids that is something I go back and forth about. I know I would love to be home taking care of my family, but I hate the thought of giving up my career, the extra money, etc.  because I have so much education that I went through to get where I am!  

jbenjack said...

Well I finally got around to checking out your journal. I hope you don't mind me inviting you to my private journal, I went through recent comments and invited all people who had read it. You are from NH, I didn't realize that! I will put you on alerts!!